Marvel Hints Symbiotes, Not Mutants Are Humanity's Next Evolution

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Carnage #4

For years it's been believed in the Marvel Universe that mutants were the next stage of human evolution. But it's being hinted at now that it might be symbiotes like Carnage who truly deserve the title instead. Fans also may be shocked to learn that it's the symbiote serial killer Carnage that has hinted at this revelation.

Carnage has had a bit of a wild ride lately. After being transformed while seeking to free the symbiote God creator Knull from his prison, Carnage has become separated from his human host Cletus Kasady. But the symbiote Carnage has found a way to carry on even without a host. He's now currently on a mission to absorb the powers of other supervillains so he can become a god.


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But as shown in Carnage #4 by Ram V and Francesco Manna, Cletus Kasady isn't gone just yet. A detective is on Carnage's trail, and when he was mortally wounded, Carnage utilized a portion of his symbiote in order to keep the detective alive. But in this symbiote fragment was Cletus's consciousness. He's been talking to the detective, guiding him in order to pursue Carnage and help in the overall investigation by giving insight into Carnage's train of thought.

cletus talks about carnage

Since symbiotes were first introduced decades ago, the rules in which they work has been drastically expanded. Humans are constantly tinkering their understanding of the bizarre alien beings, and this latest development that a human mind may carry on within the symbiote is a revolutionary development. It shows that even once a human body grows old and dies off that a symbiote like Carnage may still bond with its host on a conscious level so that his or her mind may continue to live on. And since it's been seen that symbiotes have no natural lifespan, humans may live on forever in this way.

Mutants are often depicted as the natural next stage in evolution. Even their Latin name, homo superior, shows that they are above humans on the evolutionary ladder. But mutants still are hindered by a lot of the weaknesses that humans have. Generally speaking, mutants still contain a frail human body that will ultimately age and die off. In some instances, mutant minds may avoid this fate, but overall, it's the symbiotes and their relationship with humans that can allow humanity as a species to carry on past their expiration date. It's bizarre that such a murderous being like Carnage is the one to reveal this strange symbiote trait, but it's nonetheless important as the mythology of symbiotes expands.