Marvel's New Captain America Meets Her Match: Luke Cage

Warning! Spoilers for The Variant #2 by Marvel Comics

Marvel's new Captain America just found out the tough truth that standing between Luke Cage and his family is a very bad idea. In The Variants #2 by Marvel Comics, the variant of Jessica Jones attempts to take down her Earth-616 counterpart. When Luke and Jessica's daughter Dani Cage sees the fight between the variants, Luke steps in as Marvel's Power Man defends his family and puts an end to the tussle by taking out the shield-wielding Captain America.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones make up one of Marvel's most powerful couples, as both super-strong heroes aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to protecting their daughter Dani. In the current The Variants miniseries from Marvel Comics, Jessica Jones has mysteriously encountered two new variants of herself, including one claiming to be Captain America. However, Cage shows the lengths he's willing to go to protect Dani and Jessica as he helps Jones take down the shield-bearing hero in an incredible display of power.


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In The Variants #2 by Gail Simone, Phil Noto, and VC's Clayton Cowles from Marvel Comics, Jessica Jones and one of her variants are knocked to the ground as the shield-bearing variant stands above them. However, after Jessica and Luke Cage's daughter awakens and sees the three Jessicas fighting one another, the Earth-616 version of Captain America is surprised by Power Man, who knocks the hero unconscious with a single punch.

Luke Cage Captain America's Shield

Luke Cage not only shows what a great husband he is by taking down the shield-wielding Captain America variant of his wife, but when Jessica Jones tells him to take Dani and hide somewhere she can't find them, he agrees without asking questions. He listens to Jones when she tells him she's worried about Purple Man attacking their family. Luke takes Dani and hides until Jessica figures out what exactly is going on with the surprise return of the villain.

Cage has seen numerous villains threaten his family before and has never backed down. Luke will do whatever it takes to defend Jessica and Dani. So even in a confusing scenario where Cage encounters two variants of his wife, even one claiming to be Captain America with her own shield, he doesn't hesitate to help Jessica take her down before learning about Purple Man and going into hiding to protect her. Marvel's new Captain America met her match with Luke Cage, as the hero made quick work of the Jessica Jones variant while showing why he's a great husband and father in the process. The Variants #2 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.