MCU: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mjölnir

Thor: Love and Thunder is now in theaters and fans are finally witnessing the new adventures of their favorite god of thunder after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The fourth movie of the mighty superhero of Asgard reintroduces many exciting characters such as Jane Foster and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but most importantly, his powerful hammer Mjölnir.

Thor's weapon of choice is making a comeback with yet another worthy beholder. It is hard for fans to imagine the son of Odin without its beloved Mjölnir, whose protagonism and powerful traits have been worthy of hilarious memes that sum it up as a weapon.


It's Thor's Iconic Hammer

Mjölnir is so tied up to Thor's role as a warrior that is hard to imagine him with any other weapon. Fans got to see him fight with dual blades against Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok but the absence of his hammer made it feel like he was combating barehanded.

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Thor and Mjölnir share a strong mutualism that could be easily compared to the one Captain America has with his shield, or Doctor Strange with his cloak. It's a special and irreplaceable object that is intrinsically associated with Thor's figure, and it's really funny to imagine him using any other type of hammer.

It Was Forged By Eitri

Peter Dinklage is amazing!

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Peter Dinklage drinks and knows things and apparently, his vast knowledge covers how to forge incredibly powerful weapons in Nidavellir. For the talented actor, it was not enough to be the brightest mind of Westeros, but he also had to be Eitri, the best blacksmith in the galaxy.

Eitri was one of Peter Dinklage's best roles and without him, Mjölnir wouldn't exist. As Thor once said to Korg about his favorite hammer "It was made with the special metal from the heart of a dying star" which is Nidavellir. Dinklage may be a human mortal, but with all he has provided to the MCU, he is deserving of god-like treatment.

It Sparks

Pikachu is one of the best electric-type Pokemon and as such, he can easily create sparks and thunder to attack enemies. The same can be said about Thor's favorite hammer, although it doesn't create electricity on its own, it works as a conductor for Thor's thunder.

When he raises the Mjölnir and points it out to the sky a thunder immediately falls upon it just like when Pikachu says its name in battle. Therefore it is a valid theory to suggest that the Mjölnir is not a hammer, but a cool-looking Pokeball with a Pikachu inside.

It Answers To Thor's Calling

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Thor only has to raise his arm and open his palm for Mjölnir to be lifted from wherever it is and rapidly fly across the lands, skies, and planets to reach Odinson's hand. The hammer has enough judgment to decide who lifts it or not, but it does not particularly think of better routes to avoid civilians or buildings on its way to its master.

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Given how Mjölnir responds immediately to its calling, it's not hard to imagine multiple people getting hit between the hammer's travels. Although for Thor's sake and reputation, the movies seem to remove this perfectly possible situation from the final cut.

Tries Its Best To Follow Thor

When Thor calls it, the Mjölnir goes as fast as it can, but it's really hard to follow an owner who is constantly jumping from one timeline to another, one realm to another, or teleporting to different places on Earth. If the hammer had a face and could say something, he would probably look like confused Nick Young.

It is unreasonable of Thor to think that his hammer will arrive immediately anywhere he decides to be. Maybe at the beginning, the Mjölnir was doing its best efforts to get there fast, but after the son of Odin moved so much in his previous movies, maybe it decided to take its time when he was trapped by one of Thor's best villains, Surtur.

It's Almost As Indestructible As A Nokia

Thor is one of the top weapon experts in the MCU and as such, he will recognize any day that his beloved Mjölnir is just as strong as a Nokia from the early 2000s, although evidence shows that Hela was able to destroy the hammer and there's no proof of her being able to destroy the phone.

Mjölnir's power and strength are incomparable. As if its craft wasn't sturdy enough, Odin added enchantments that made it indestructible, until Hela came around, of course. Despite her doings, Mjölnir is a unique weapon with unmatchable durability and force, and that is why many try to lift it and use it themselves.

Its Name Is Very Difficult To Pronounce

Actors of the MCU consistently try to pronounce the difficult nordic name of Thor's hammer, but most can't. Many fans can't say it either. That's why Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) in a hilarious interview with MTV made it way easier for everyone and decided Mjölnir's name is Jonathan.

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This was a wild guess from Rudd but the name definitely fits a hammer who is judgmental about other people's worth. Having a normal name would help fans have a conversation about it and who knows, maybe worthy people can't summon it only because they can't pronounce its name on their head to call it.

Everyone Just Refers To It As Thor's Hammer

Its difficult pronunciation has led everyone to call it "Thor's hammer" and to be afraid of even trying to say its real name. It seems that even Chris Hemsworth is scared of pronouncing it too many times and slipping his tongue, given that he refers more to its weapon as "hammer" than Mjölnir.

Maybe if Thor or any other Asgardian said its name more often, people would not forget its name, and fans and other superheroes would trust they'd pronounce it correctly. Nobody is to blame though, everybody avoids saying its name, so the proposal of changing its official name to Jonathan is still on the table.

Lately, Everyone Is Worthy Of It

Mjölnir was very demanding in the first movies it appeared in the MCU and could only be lifted by Thor and Odin, but as soon as people started calling him Jonathan he seemed to acquire humanity and support self-worth positivity movements for superheroes and objects.

Jonathan is there to remind Jane, Groot, Vision, Rogers, a coat rack, and a table that they are worthy of its strength and that they can kill as many enemies as they want if they set their minds on it. Although a couple of characters can lift the hammer now, there are still plenty of heroes and villains who can't, but there are enough of them who do for Thor to probably want his exclusivity with Mjölnir back.

It Goes Through Everything

The only person who could accept the challenge of breaking a strong bulletproof glass is Thor, Jane, Rogers, or anyone who beholds the Mjölnir and uses it as a hammer or a boomerang to break the meme's advertisement into pieces.

It's not like money means something to the king of Asgard or its hammer, but Thor does love challenges, and given that with the Mjölnir he has destroyed rock monsters and other "indestructible" creatures, there is no doubt he could crash a bus stop company propaganda.

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