Meet Love Island USA Season 4's New Female Bombshells Mady & Valerie

Love Island USA season 4 premiered on July 19, and a lot has already gone down, including the entrance of bombshells, Mady and Valerie. The season found its new home on Peacock, and welcomes a new host and narrator. Fans said goodbye to host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman, who were a part of the first three seasons, and said hello to some familiar faces. Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has taken over as host, and comedian Iain Stirling has joined the series as the narrator.

Sarah is no stranger to reality television, as she has been with Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams since 2017. As for Iain, the Scottish comedian also knows a thing or two about reality TV, and Love Island in particular. Iain narrated seasons of Love Island UK, including the current season, and viewers are a big fan of his witty sense of humor. While Arielle and Matthew did a great job on the show for the first few seasons, fans really seem to be enjoying the season 4 switch-up.


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However, no series shift can compare to Mady and Valerie entering the villa at the end of the season premiere, and putting all female contestants at risk. Before the women came onto the show, fans had already met male islanders Andy Voyen, Felipe Gomes, Isaiah Campbell, Jesse Bray, and Timmy Pandolfi. They also met female islanders Courtney Boerner, Deborah Chubb, Sereniti Springs, Sydney Paight, and Zeta Morrison. Things were shaken up after Deb and Sereniti lost their partners, Jesse and Felipe, so they could go welcome the new bombshells.

Mady McLanahan

Love Island USA Mady

On Mady's first appearance, fans only got a look at her bleach blonde hair falling down her back, but there's a lot about the Texas native that viewers didn't know when she arrived. Mady was born in Canadian, Texas but currently resides in Oklahoma City. The 26-year-old is a social media marketing manager, and hasn't been in a relationship for six years. This may make her the biggest threat to the other islanders, as she's likely determined to find love. The confident Love Island contestant is one of three siblings, and is eight years older than her brother (and eleven years older than her sister). If she's come to love being the older and wiser one in her relationships, she might find herself drawn to Isaiah, who is only 21. While the contestant loves people who can match her confidence, she's not so fond of cockiness. The shopping enthusiast also wants no part of a relationship with someone who brags about his money and possessions. Mady feels a deep connection to Rachel from Friends, and just like the sitcom character, she's looking for her Ross.

Valerie Bragg

Love Island USA Valerie

The tattooed Nutritional Consultant is a vast change from her blonde counterpart. The 23-year-old had a very unique upbringing, as she hails from Playa del Coco, Costa Rica, and certainly knows what it's like spending time in a tropical habitat. If the other Love Island contestants weren't scared enough, Valerie also has an incomparable way of communicating with her fellow contestants, as she speaks four languages. The athletic islander can certainly lure in some potential mates in more than one language. Valerie also has a big reputation, as she once hooked up with Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes, and became the enemy of his fans. They blamed her for his breakup with his ex-girlfriend. As for the type of guy she's looking for, as long as they can walk fast, apologize well, and avoid backhanded compliments, Valerie seems pretty open to dating them.

It was nerve-wracking enough for the islanders to initially couple up, but if they want to avoid losing their partners to Mady and Valerie, they're going to have to take their connections to the next level. The women clearly have big personalities, and bring a lot to Love Island USA, so it won't be long before they've claimed their partners, and possibly knocked someone else right off the island. Who they're most likely to go for is still a mystery. However, if either of the women is interested in getting romantic with the same sex, Andy may have himself a problem, as Courtney, who identifies as bisexual, may go running off.