Ms. Marvel Concept Art Reveals Some Extremely Different Mask Designs

Early concept MCU art for Ms. Marvel has revealed some extremely different designs for the superhero's mask. Iman Vellani stars as the titular character, a Jersey City high school student who becomes imbued with cosmic powers thanks to her great-grandmother's mysterious bangles. Released in June, the six-episode series received near-universal praise for its writing, visual style, and striking performances, making it the highest-ranked MCU entry on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the original Marvel comics, Kamala's superhero suit was designed and created on her own out of her clothes. Her best friend, Bruno Carrelli, then used her design as a basis for a revision to create a more malleable suit. This version of the costume became Kamala's most recognizable outfit and the template of the MCU's version of Ms. Marvel. Although the origins of the bangles, mask, and costume differed from the comics, the television series remained relatively faithful to Kamla's original appearance.


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Concept artist Mushk Rizvi recently took to social media and shared early Ms. Marvel art, revealing some extremely different designs for Kamala's mask. Rizvi explained that she was tasked with designing some preliminary masks for Kamala to use before the character received her final mask. The images reveal red Captain Marvel-inspired masks, complete with a mohawk and a full-face covering that looks more like something Brock Rumlow/Crossbones or Taskmaster would wear. Check out Rizvi's early concept art below.

Ms Marvel Concept Art Portrait
Ms Marvel Concept Art Captain Marvel Masks

As the designs were of the masks for Kamala to use before receiving her real mask and donning her final outfit, these would most likely not have been considered for Ms. Marvel's final approved appearance. Although Ms. Marvel's MCU suit design differs slightly from the source material, her outfit still resembles her original Marvel Comics costume. A complete costume change would likely have elicited backlash from fans against the show, although that happened anyway, thanks to a vocal minority of unhappy viewers.

Although Ms. Marvel fans were pleased by the news that Kamala Khan would be introduced into the MCU and receive her own show, many comics fans were disappointed at the massive change to her powers. In the comics, Kamala gained her powers through the Terrigen Mist that activated her Inhuman genes. The television series saw Kamala get her powers from enhanced bangles and later revealed that Kamala is a mutant. If the series received such a heavy backlash over the substantial change to her powers, drastically adjusting elements of the hero's costume on her first outing would most certainly contribute to the hostile reaction. However, Ms. Marvel retained the original aesthetic of Kamala's comic book counterpart resulting in a welcomed faithful recreation.