MultiVersus: 10 Strongest Characters To Play As

MultiVersus is one of the most exciting upcoming games right now after launching its open beta on July 26th and adding Lebron James to the character roster.  But prior to the open beta launch, the game was already available for select players, meaning new users were able to jump straight in with characters they knew would work for their teams.

MultiVersus characters are broken up into five separate classes that focus on different strengths. There's Bruiser, Assassin, Support, Mage, and Tank. However, in the interest of making the characters true to their franchises, there's a lot of overlap between classes. Throughout different classes and franchises, there are ten fighters that are certainly the strongest.


10 Velma

Velma Dinkley in the group shot of the roster in MultiVersus

"Strongest" is a relative term. It may not always refer to physical strength, but also utility and usefulness. The weakest of MultiVersus' many character classes is usually considered to be the Support class, and of these "weak" support characters, Velma stands out as the best.

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Scooby-Doo's resident bookworm is one of the game's most unique characters. Collecting clues allows her to protect her teammates by taking hits for them and her "Fast Thinker" attack also allows her to move characters around the arena. When Velma has a clue, she's actually quite strong.

9 LeBron James

LeBron James dunks a basketball in Multiversus.

LeBron James (in his Space Jam design) just has been released into the open beta. With so little time for players to get to know his moves, it's possible that public perception of his strength could change; but as of right now it's apparent he has a lot of tools in common with some of the strongest characters in the game. LeBron is a Bruiser character who excels in heavy damage.

However, he also has a versatile projectile in his basketball which can be volleyed off of opponents for quick hits and even hit opponents at downward angles. This coverage is great but pales in comparison to the fact that passing to teammates gives LeBron and his teammate a buff. With versatile options and the ability to buff allies, LeBron could end up being one of the strongest characters in MultiVersus.

8 Superman

Superman hovering in the air in MultiVersus

Ironically for a character considered to be the older, all-rounded basic superhero, Superman isn't actually an all-rounder here. Instead, he finds himself in the Tank class, which makes sense considering he's often described as invincible. Although rather than running into the fray, Superman does most of his attacking from a range.

Superman players protect their team with their large variety of superpowers. Freeze breath and laser vision are easy to apply to opponents from a distance and his flight makes it easy for him to go wherever he is needed. With powerful offensive and defensive options, Superman stands as the toughest Tank in the beta.

7 Arya Stark

Arya Stark joining the fight in MultiVersus

Seeing a Game of Thrones character in MultiVersus is one of the game's biggest surprises. Arya Stark is also actually one of the game's strongest characters. She's an Assassin-class fighter, meaning she is quick and uses a weapon but the biggest surprise is her similarities to Kirby in Super Smash Bros.

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Arya's special move "Face Stealer" allows her to copy opponents which not only gives her other moves but also allows her to fool enemy teammates. She can also create a lot of chaos with her knife throw technique which creates lingering damage. Just like in the show, she's great at throwing a wrench into plans.

6 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn posing on her mallet in the Batcave in MultiVersus

Harley Quinn debuted in Batman: The Animated Series, but she's come a long way since then. She's moved on from being the Joker's sidekick to being a hero in her own right. She's popular enough now that she appeared in MultiVersus before Joker did. She's also strong enough to be an even more formidable Assassin than Arya.

Harley's mallet is great for dishing out big damage quickly and she has explosive projectiles that deal persistent damage. She can even create platforms to stand out using those same explosives. Despite the Assassin class being defined as "quick with few other options," players will find that Harley comes with most options covered.

5 Iron Giant

The Iron Giant meeting Superman in MultiVersus

The Iron Giant is one of the best 2D animated movies of the 90s. Its charming protagonist and his hero worship of Superman touched a lot of hearts. That's why he was so divisive when the gentle giant was announced to be joining the fight in MultiVersus. Due to his experimental nature as a fighter, he's also quite divisive in-game.

That being said, Iron Giant is still quite strong, as his attacks do a lot of damage. He's also quite large with the largest reach of any character in the game; althought this also means it's easy to hit him, which has led some to mark him as weak. However, teams of two Iron Giants or an Iron Giant with a good protector are nearly unstoppable.

4 Batman

How to Unlock Batman in MultiVersus

Batman is well known for being prepared. Therefore, it makes sense that he's one of the most well-rounded characters in the game. Batman is a melee-focused bruiser but comes with a lot of excellent other tools as well. The most versatile of these tools is his grappling hook.

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This of course allows for Batman to make easy recoveries; however, it also allows him to grab and reel in opponents for powerful hits. He also has smoke bombs, which allow him to make himself and his allies temporarily invisible. He's got tools for pretty much every situation, acting as both a good support and solo fighter.

3 Shaggy

Shaggy powering up on the treehouse in MultiVersus

Shaggy is positioned as the tutorial character; an all-rounder anyone can play, similar to Mario's character in Super Smash Bros. This well-roundedness gives Shaggy a great combination of attacks that can be used for any situation, with moves taking inspiration from classic fighting game tropes.

For instance, Shaggy has an uppercut, a projectile, and moves that move him while dealing damage. This places him in the classic Shoto archetype created by games like Street Fighter. He can play well at any range against any character type and it's fitting he's strong considering he's based on the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme phenomenon.

2 Jake The Dog

MultiVersus jake the dog character guide bruiser

Adventure Time's Jake the Dog is a shape-shifting dog who is usually pretty chill however, In MultiVersus he brings his strength to its fullest potential. He's a Bruiser class character, but like others, he has more than just punching up his sleeve. Considering his punches can hit opponents from across the stage, that's saying something.

Jake's 'down' special can reflect attacks and projectiles back where they came from and his 'up' special and normals deal tons of damage to enemy armor. Most formidable is his "Rubber Stomach, Dude" attack, where he eats opponents and gives them the weakened status effect. Jake's reach allows him to make his tons of options and attacks almost unavoidable.

1 Taz

Taz being flung into the air in MultiVersus

Considering how strong Looney Tunes characters are, one would expect to see one at the top however, they might expect Bugs rather than Taz. Taz is up at the top for good reason, though, as his spinning attacks make him difficult to approach. Just like Jake, his attacks also apply a status effect, in this case, "Tasty" which makes them temporarily unable to attack.

Taz suffers a bit in the air, but he's easily the best fight in the game on the ground due to his high speed. In addition, his speed and attack durations can be increased if he passes teammates during his side special. The aforementioned Tasty status effect also heals Taz and his teammates during a battle and add onto that that Taz can eat and return projectiles as well as the heavy knockback he can deal out, and Taz is simply the strongest MultiVersus character in the hands of a savvy player.

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