MultiVersus: Harley Quinn Character Guide (Best Perks & Strategies)

Sporting her trademark bat and pigtails, Harley Quinn is part of the roster for the new platformer fighting game, MultiVersus. Unlike other fighting games, MultiVersus is free to play. To supplement this, they instead offer microtransactions, encouraging players to unlock new Ring Outs, costumes, and more by spending real-world money on in-game currency. Characters themselves can be unlocked by earning Gold through missions and challenges, but the premium MultiVersus currency Gleamium can only be purchased in bundles.

MultiVersus brings together a wide range of characters from the various Warner Bros. franchises. Players will recognize classic Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny and Taz, Scooby Doo classics Shaggy and Velma, Adventure Time goofballs Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, DC Comics greats Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, and much more. Harley Quinn joins her DC Comics compatriots as currently the only playable supervillain in the game, though there are rumors of additional MultiVersus character drops in the future.


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Players who want to level up Harley Quinn should focus on moves and perks that go along with her MultiVersus character type: assassin. Harley Quinn is one of the fastest characters in the game, so using attacks that focus on speed and perks that add to her combos will make her a serious threat to the enemy team.

Best Harley Quinn Strategies and Perks in MultiVersus

Harley Quinn posing on her mallet in the Batcave in MultiVersus

Players should focus on building combos with Harley Quinn to take advantage of her speed. The best combos, moves, and perks for Harley Quinn are:

  • Move: Clown Combo, side + attack on the ground - Harley Quinn will perform a series of kicks and bat swings that ends with an upward swing. Clown Combo can be used with a ton of additional moves, as it will do damage to enemies before going in for a potential MultiVersus Ring Out.
  • Move: Batter Up!, up + special - paired with Clown Combo, this can be deadly. Harley Quinn will dash upwards and attack with a powerful bat swing.
  • Move: Flying Kick, side + attack in the air - Harley Quinn will do a combo of kicks that ends with her bouncing off the enemy, putting distance between them.
  • Move: Prank Shot, side + special - this pairs well with Harley Quinn's perks. Harley will dash forward and fire a boxing glove projective behind her, so it's a good move to dodge while also attacking.
  • Move: Boxing Ringer, down + attack in the air - this pairs well with the glove control special perk. Harley will charge and fire a boxing glove projectile down from the air.
  • Special Perk: Glove Control - a MultiVersus Perk unlocked at level 8, Harley can aim the Boxing Ringer glove in the desired direction
  • Special Perk: Smooth Moves - unlocked at level 10, Harley's ground and air side specials are also dodges, giving her brief invincibility.