MultiVersus: Reindog Character Guide (Best Perks & Strategies)

Reindog, a lovable blue-green hybrid between a reindeer and a dog, is a new character developed for the platformer fighting game MultiVersus. This fighter is similar to others in that it brings characters together from all across the various fandoms of its parent company, Warner Bros. Unlike other fighting games, like Nickelodeon's All-Star Brawl or Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.MultiVersus is free-to-play.

Players can unlock Reindog in three main ways: by spending 3,000 gold, using 700 MultiVersus Gleamium, or a Character Ticket. Gold can be earned by playing the game, completing missions, and finishing challenges. Gleamium is a premium currency that can currently only be bought for real-world money. Character tickets are being given away in the Founder's Packs, add-ons that players can buy through the relevant online stores to supplement the game.


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Reindog is best played as a support character and works best when played with other teammates in a match. If players do want to play Reindog in 1v1 matches, the character does have some decent offensive moves. One of the features of the game that brings players back in time is MultiVersus' local multiplayer mode, where players can sit together and engage in good old-fashioned local co-op matches on the same screen.

Best Reindog Strategies and Perks For MultiVersus

Reindog firing a beat at Batman on the treehouse in MultiVersus

As a support character, Reindog's best moves and strategies involve a combination of offensive attacks, partner-assisting moves, and debuffs. Here are Reindog's best moves and perks:

  • Move: Love Leash, neutral + special - this move sends Reindog's heart out onto the battlefield, but tethered to its owner. If enemies are caught up in the tether, they will take damage. Allies who are also connected will extend the duration of Love Leash.
  • Move: Power Crystal, up + special while on the ground - this will summon a crystal above Reindog. Charging the crystal will increase how high it spawns. The crystal will shoot bolts of lightning at enemies, dealing an electrial debuff. Nearby MultiVersus allies will gain an electrical melee buff, which deals electricity damage.
  • Move: Flying Floor, up + special in the air - Reindog will roll along the ground. Allies can pick Reindog up and throw him, causing massive damage.
  • Move: Fireball, down + special, on the ground - Reindog will charge and launch a fireball in a projectile arc that can deal fire debuff damage to enemies. Allied projectiles that pass through the firewall left behind will also do fire debuff damage.
  • Move: Tail Swipe, down + attack - a simple close-range melee move, but one that can be a powerful attack compared to many of the support moves.
  • Special Perk: Crystal Pal - the Power Crystal will follow Reindog as it descends.
  • Special Perk: Fire Fluff - Reindog's fireball will create a larger firewall on impact.