My Hero Academia Endeavor Cosplay Makes His Impossible Quirk a Reality

An extraordinary cosplay combining visual effects art and powerful propwork has brought one of My Hero Academia’s most popular characters to life. With giant flame pauldrons and some sparks added in editing, Endeavor’s near-impossible to portray quirk has finally been given the cosplay treatment it deserves.

My Hero Academia’s poster boy for bad parenting, Endeavor has been a hotly debated character ever since his debut. The longtime number two hero had always envied All Might for his power and status as number one. Endeavor’s inability to cope with his placement as "second best" led him to overworking himself and eventually treating his family with disregard for their own safety and agency. Attempting to raise a child with a powerful enough quirk to take on All Might, Endeavor made family life a living hell for his children. In recent times, Endeavor has attempted to change his ways after realizing the harm he caused to his kids and has garnered a huge fan following, with many cheering the hero on to fully redeem himself.


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Endeavor’s awe-inspiring quirk is no doubt part of his appeal as a character. His flaming facial hair and fiery chest declare him as a powerhouse hero even before he actually unleashes his abilities. However, the fiery nature of his character design also makes him difficult to portray in costume, as without the flames, he might look like any other uniformed hero in the My Hero Academia world. @Asolocab and @Alexrosephotoog worked on a killer Endeavor cosplay photoshoot shared to Instagram that gets as accurate as possible, and with mostly practical effects. Here, Endeavor’s flames are turned into bright orange pauldrons sprouting up from the chest of the uniform, evoking the rising flicker of his destructive firepower. The addition of tiny sparks and epic music definitely add to the cinematic nature of this already superb cosplay. Even his boots are given a rising fire decal and extended flame-like highrises.

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The character of Endeavor is that of a gruff, unfulfilled man still struggling to come to terms with his own emotions and begin the process of healing old wounds. Due to this, he is one of the most savage characters in the series, always fighting seriously and inflicting serious burns on his opponents. The bold nature of this cosplay reflects Endeavor’s character in that way, striking a powerful, uncompromising pose. In the same way Endeavor is constantly striving to achieve his goal of being the number one hero, this cosplay also strives to be the absolute best it can be. With the help of some killer fx, Endeavor has successfully been brought off the page and into real life thanks to this blazing cosplay.

As it stands now, Endeavor is still on a journey to atone for his past mistakes and become the hero he needs to be in order to protect those close to him. My Hero Academia doesn’t shy away from giving this brooding blaze the spotlight every so often and neither do the series’ fans - much like U.A’s motto, this cosplay has truly gone "Plus Ultra" in its effort to capture Endeavor’s likeness.