Netflix's Carter Cast & Character Guide

Netflix’s sci-fi action film Carter is a South Korean production with an international cast recognizable from previous roles in TV and film. Following the success of the first season of Squid Game, which will return for season 2 on the streaming service, Netflix has increased content from South Korea. Carter landed at number two worldwide in its debut weekend, featuring non-stop action and performances from both South Korean and American actors.


The plot for Carter takes place during a deadly pandemic that has already devastated the United States and North Korea and threatens to do the same to South Korea, if efforts aren’t taken to prevent it from spreading. Patients suffering from the virus display zombie-like behavior, but the key to a solution lies in the antibodies of a young child. Agents from each country battle for control of the cure in a real-time race for survival.

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Using hidden cuts similar to 1917, the entire plot of Carter is presented as one continuous shot. Director Jung Byung-gil implemented this technique for the first-person opening scene of his last film The Villainess, but Carter reaches ambitious new heights with a dizzying array of real-time action sequences. Along with the cinematographic efforts made to achieve this approach, it also provided unique challenges for the cast of actors. Here's a guide to that cast and characters they play in Carter, and what they've been in before.

Joo Won as Carter Lee / Michael Bane

Joo Won in Carter

Heading up the cast is Joo Won as Carter Lee, later revealed as also going by the name Michael Bane. The film begins with Carter waking up in a blood-soaked bed in Seoul with a cross-shaped scar on the back of his head and no memory of who he is. With a premise similar to Hardcore Henry, Carter also features video game logic in its action sequences. Joo Won is a South Korean actor best known for his roles in television, including the main protagonist in Good Doctor, which is played by Freddie Highmore in the American adaptation.

Lee Sung-jae as Kim Jong-hyuk

Lee Sung-jae in Carter

Kim Jong-hyeok is a North Korean General who meets Carter during his mission, providing him transport out of South Korea. General Kim is played by Lee Sung-jae, a veteran South Korean actor with credits in TV and film. Lee’s most notable credit is Barking Dogs Never Bite, a 2000 dark comedy film that was the directorial debut of Bong Joon-ho, whose film Parasite won the 2020 Oscar for Best Picture.

Kim Bo-min as Jung Ha-na

Kim Bo-min in Carter

The young girl cured of the virus and carrying the life-saving antibodies is Jung Ha-na (Kim Bo-min). Carter is tasked with rescuing Ha-na and bringing her to a North Korean facility where the production of a vaccine can be developed. This is Kim Bo-min’s second role, following her appearance in the TV series, Drama Special.

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Jeong So-ri as Han Jung-hee

Jeong So-ri in Carter

The voice instructing Carter where to go while warning him of threats is Han Jung-hee, who is played by Jeong So-ri. Han reveals that she is working for North Korea’s Labor Party, and guides Carter to his rendezvous with General Kim. Jeong So-ri appeared in several episodes of the Apple TV+ series Pachinko.

Carter Supporting Cast

Camilla Belle in Carter

Jung Jae-young as Jung Byung-ho - Jung Byung-ho is the father of Ha-na, and the doctor responsible for curing her of the virus. He also heads the project to create a vaccine from her antibodies. Dr. Jung is played by Jung Jae-young, best known for his roles in South Korean films, including director Jung Byung-gil’s sophomore feature film, Confession of Murder.

Camilla Belle as Agnes - Agnes is a CIA agent who claims to know Carter under the name Michael Bane and attempts to help him in his mission. She is played by American actress Camilla Belle, who has starred in multiple blockbusters including the 2006 remake of When a Stranger Calls and Roland Emmerich’s prehistoric-era action-adventure film, 10,000 BC.

Mike Colter as Smith - Smith is the CIA Agent heading up a task force to bring down Carter and is played by American Actor Mike Colter. Colter is best known for his role as Luke Cage in the MCU. He also stars in the CBS/Paramount+ series Evil.