Netflix's One Piece Live Action Series: Fan-Casting Gol D. Roger

With the release of multiple official castings for Netflix's One Piece Live Action Series, fans anxiously await the release of more news. Prominent figures in the One Piece story such as Garp and Shanks have already been casted, so the role of Pirate King Gol D. Roger, also known as Gold Roger, should be filled in the near future.

Gold Roger has certain key characteristics that must be met by whoever plays him. His presence, charisma, authority, and dark haired features should be accurately portrayed. If any character should be represented by a well-known celebrity, it should be the Pirate King himself.


10 Jon Hamm

Top Gun Maverick Cyclone Jon Hamm

Whenever Gol D. Roger makes an appearance in One Piece, he easily commands attention. His words alone ushered in "The Great Age of Pirates." When the Pirate King speaks, people listen. The same is true when Don Draper speaks, regardless of him not having the same moral compass as Roger.

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This quality of commanding attention with presence alone, is one that Jon Hamm mastered with his performance in Mad Men. Hamm has an authoritative tone that can speak the importance of wealth, fame, and power. Slap on a mustache and you have yourself a solid pick.


9 Keanu Reeves

People glorified and idolized Gol D. Roger. This made him a threat to the World Government and contributed to him having the highest bounty that has been revealed in the story so far.

Keanu Reeves is already loved by so many people that his popularity as a well-liked person has become a meme in and of itself. Furthermore, he has the range and experience to play Roger and certainly can command attention as seen in John Wick. Just as John Wick acquired proficiency with every weapon he uses, Keanu has acquired the skill to be loved by viewers in most of the roles he plays. He would definitely make Roger's character his own and that's a good thing.


8 Karl Urban

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker

Gol D. Roger always manages to find things amusing while maintaining his aura of intimidation and authority. There always seems to be a smile on his face.

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With one of the best performances in The Boys as Billy Butcher, Karl Urban has proved that he can deliver when it comes to being an unhinged leader with a particular attraction to fighting. He's mastered the art of maintaining a grin on his face, even when he is serious. Urban's experience, age, and looks all fit the bill for a casting as Roger.


7 Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow standing at the mast of his ship in Pirates of the Caribbean

Whoever takes on the role of Roger needs to be able to leave an impact on viewers with limited screen time. People need to feel invested in the King of Pirates even though he won't be shown all that often.

Casting Johnny Depp solves this issue in a heartbeat as he is already well-known as Captain Jack Sparrow. For many people, he is the first person that comes to mind with the word "pirate." Depp has certainly earned praise for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean, but it may be difficult for Netflix to successfully rebrand him as Roger and not Jack Sparrow.


6 Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton in Law Abiding Citizen

One of the most important qualities that will need to be displayed in order to fit a Gol D. Roger casting will be the ability to portray kingship and power. Gerard Butler, with his Hercules-like looks, fills this need well.

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Gerard Butler has already shown the world just how great a king he can be with his performance as King Leonidas in 300.  He has a powerful voice, is certainly intimidating, and has great range as an actor. If anyone can legendarily shout out to a silent crowd and change the world before his execution, it'll be Butler.


5 Hugh Jackman

Wolverine looking confused in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Everything about Roger screams charisma. He certainly didn't earn the respect of characters such as Garp and Whitebeard through strength alone. However, he can display strength when need be. By looking at Hugh Jackman's best movies, it's easy to see how valuable his experience can be for any role.

Jackman is a performer. He is charismatic in real life as well as the films he stars in such as The Greatest Showman. Jackman is famous for playing the fearsome role of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. As Wolverine, he was able to showcase his skill in playing a vicious character who viewers could grow to care for deeply. He would make a great Pirate King. Even if he isn't casted as Roger, he would make a great addition to the series as any other role, perhaps even Sir Crocodile.


4 Christian Bale

Christian Bale walking in Out of the Furnace

Roger doesn't make many appearances in One Piece, as he is only shown in flashbacks. Should Netflix decide to follow the original series in that regard, it will be difficult for any actor to kill the role of the Pirate King with so little to go off of.

This is a problem that has an easy solution in the form of Christian Bale. His acting resume is so diverse and successful that he would certainly find a way to own the role of Roger. Bale recently played a villain named Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder, and he owned the role with only a limited number of scenes. He would do the same if he joined the One Piece cast.


3 Oscar Isaac

Roger is somewhat relatable to Monkey D. Luffy in terms of ambition and personality. This means that he's liable to seem chaotic at times and make unexpected decisions. Roger may also seem calm and suddenly switch into a different tone.

Oscar Isaac has played heroic and villainous characters, with his range being most apparent in Moon Knight. Isaac made the changes between Mark Spector and Steven Grant's personalities feel genuine and believable. He would definitely handle the chaotic nature of Roger's character well. He most certainly would be able to pull off the look of a pirate as well.


2 Javier Bardem

Roger is displayed as the former generation's protagonist who encouraged an entire new era of young pirates. Even though he may be shown to be a "good pirate," something about his eyes in and of themselves is menacing.

Javier Bardem is one of the best choices when it comes to the aspect of intimidation. His role in No Country for Old Men is chilling, as he is able to induce so much fear with his eyes alone. However, Bardem is able to "turn off" this scary look and play a more genuine role where he can smile as he does in Eat, Pray, Love. He may just be the greatest pick.


1 Pedro Pascal

Wonder Woman 1984 Pedro Pascal Max Lord

When it comes to looks, Roger is unique with his messy hair, notable mustache, and eyes that tell a story. There isn't any other character that has his unique look with the exception of Luffy.

Pedro Pascal has all of these physical qualities to the extent that copying and pasting his face over Roger's feels right. Pascal has also proven himself as an incredible actor in works such as The Mandalorian and Game of Throneswhere he played Oberyn Martell. He is the best match for the role in terms of looks, and with his skill, he would truly feel like a live-action Gol D. Roger.

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