One Alien Quote Proves It's Telling the Same Story as Jurassic Park

Although separated by literal millennia, the worlds of Alien and Jurassic Park have more in common than most fans realize. This core similarity is clear nowhere more than the 1997 comic Aliens: Purge, which draws a parallel to the first Jurassic Park film with its opening line.

First appearing in the 1979 classic Alien, the Xenomorph has gone on to be one of the greatest villains in all of popular culture. With over forty years of movies, comics, video games and more, the franchise is still going strong, with a new Alien Marvel Comics series and an upcoming television show. In turn, the Jurassic Park series has remained a fixture at the box office since the first film in 1993, an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s original novel. With five sequel films and countless video games and other tie-in media, the Jurassic Park franchise has become every bit the pop culture fixture as Alien.


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In 1997 (the year franchise sequels Jurassic Park: The Lost World and Alien: Resurrection were released, it should be noted) one Alien comic decided to tie the two franchises together, from a thematic standpoint, at least. Produced by the creative team of Ian Edginton, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Chris Chalenor and Gary Fields, Aliens: Purge tells the story of the Adullam Research Facility, an outpost where scientists are conducting experiments with Alien's Xenomorphs. The scientists have devised a way to utilize gestating Xenomorphs in patients with leprosy, discovering that the Xenomorphs' 'hatching' is severely delayed while granting the host a psychic connection. The scientists have also engineered an android/Xenomorph hybrid in the form of Eloise, who can actually communicate with the fully-grown Xenomorphs and keep them docile. Everything goes well until representatives of the Adelaide & Bombay Holdings Alliance arrive - the new owners of the outpost who are looking to cut costs by any means necessary.

Alien jurassic park quote xenomorph

In what surely had to be a reference to the first Jurassic Park's iconic "Life finds a way," the opening narration states, “Life... Life will always find a way.” It’s an interesting thematic comparison to make between the two franchises, and draws some rather obvious parallels. The central narrative thrust of both Jurassic Park and Alien revolves around greedy corporations exploiting dangerous, predatory species and then having to deal with the consequences when it all goes wrong. This is a crucial thematic through-line that’s been running throughout both series since the beginning. Many have interpreted the Jurassic Park series as being anti-science due to this, but the message has always been anti-corporate exploitation. In both series, humanity often seeks to establish some form of dominance out of hubris, only to realize that some forces cannot be contained.

Aliens: Purge also provides a connection to the Jurassic Park series’ preoccupation with genetic tampering in the character of hybrid Eloise. Once the Adelaide & Bombay Holdings Alliance decides the Adullam Research Facility is of no longer use to them and that they’ll take their research and kill everyone else, Eloise is able to use her genetic modifications to organize the Xenomorphs as weapons in an uprising against their corporate masters. Horrifying as Xenomorphs may be, they are alive, and as the 'perfect organism,' they're supremely equipped to eradicate threats and multiply. That’s the central message of both the Jurassic Park and Alien franchises: life can’t be controlled or contained, It will always find a way.