One Piece Teases the Return of the Lost Straw Hat

Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece #1054

A lost member of the Straw Hat Pirates will possibly make her return soon in One Piece. Princess Vivi of Arabasta, who shared many adventures with Luffy and his crew before coming back to her country and duties, has gone missing, but every clue points towards an upcoming reunion with her pirate friends.

Nefertari Vivi was a key character in the Arabasta Saga. When her kingdom was threatened by the machinations of the Warlord Crocodile, she went undercover into his criminal organization to stop the nefarious plot to take over Arabasta. That's when she met Luffy and the Straw Hats, who promised to help liberate her country. Vivi travelled with the crew for a while and was an unofficial member of the Straw Hats, but when Arabasta was saved she chose her duty toward her people instead of a life of adventure. Since then, she has been keeping tabs on the Straw Hats' progress from afar. At the latest Levely summit, Vivi and her father Cobra represented Arabasta, but they were both involved in an accident caused by Luffy's brother, Sabo, and the other Commanders of the Revolutionary Army.


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The much-awaited chapter #1054 of One Piece finally revealed more details about the Levely incident. According to the Marines, Sabo and the others were able to successfully free their captive comrade Kuma, but during the fight that ensued King Cobra was assassinated, and Vivi went missing. Previously, readers were led to believe that the raid on the Levely had failed due to the intervention of two powerful Marine Admirals, Fujitora and Ryokugyu, and that Sabo had actually been killed. Chapter #1054 revealed that Luffy's brother is not just alive, but he is being worshipped by revolutionaries all around the world, despite the accusation by the World Government that he assassinated King Cobra.


However, it is much more likely that Sabo had nothing to do with Cobra's demise, and that he actually rescued Vivi from the World Government's agents. During the Levely (in chapter #908), the secret King of the World, Im, showed a dangerous interest toward Vivi, perhaps due to her association with Luffy. If the World Government tried to assassinate her and Cobra, it's possible that she was rescued by Sabo. Considering that the Marines are keeping watch on Arabasta, the safest place that Sabo could bring Vivi is actually the Thousand Sunny, where she would rejoin the Straw Hat and be protected by Luffy, who recently rose up the rank of Yonko. This would also allow the story to show a much-awaited reunion between the two brothers.

The scene of Vivi's farewell to the Straw Hats was one of the most emotionals in the long history of the manga, proving that, even if her time with the crew was short, the bonds they developed are unbreakable. For this reason, there is no one better than Luffy to protect the Princess of Arabasta. In pure One Piece tradition, when one mistery gets unveiled more questions arise, so the return of the lost Straw Hat, Vivi, can be the chance to learn once and for all the truth about the Levely and what will be the future role of Sabo and the Revolutionary Army.