Our Flag Means Death Already Teased A Huge Season 2 Villain

HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death already teased a potential season 2 villain. The pirate comedy show followed a fictionalized version of the Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman Pirate, who sailed with the notorious Blackbeard. The first season featured several different antagonists, including Blackbeard's first mate, Izzy Hands, and prominent British navy officers Captain Nigel Badminton and Admiral Chauncey Badminton, but Our Flag Means Death season 2 may venture much further away in search of its primary villain.

After they were captured and forced to join the British navy, Blackbeard and Stede debated their next move. At one point, Blackbeard suggested the two of them make a new life together in China where no one would recognize them. Although this plan was abandoned when Stede left for home and Blackbeard formed a new pirate crew at the end of season 1, Our Flag Means Death's characters may eventually reach China after all.


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If Blackbeard and his crew follow through with the plan to get away from the English once and for all, it opens up the possibility to bring in Zheng Yi Sao on Our Flag Means Death season 2. Zheng Yi Sao is often considered history's most successful female pirate, and one of the most successful pirates of all time. Her exploits put Blackbeard's to shame by comparison. In 1810, when she decided she was done with the pirate life, Zheng Yi Sao had such a large pirate fleet that she was able to negotiate a surrender to Qing China that allowed her to avoid prosecution and live out the rest of her life peacefully. At the time of her surrender, she reportedly commanded 24 ships and over 1400 pirates. Regardless of how Stede and Blackbeard's relationship and story resolves in Our Flag Means Death, the English would likely still be after them due to their desertion, making an escape to China all the more enticing, even if they are stopped by Zheng Yi Sao along the way.

Taika Waititi as Blackbeard in Our Flag Means Death season 1

The Chinese pirate Zheng Yi Sao would make for a formidable villain in Our Flag Means Death season 2 and beyond. Not only could her impressive reputation intimate Blackbeard, but the significant difference in numbers means Zheng Yi Sao could easily wipe out Blackbeard's crew. Yet, it is equally possible that she would end up serving an entirely different purpose in Our Flag Means Death by giving the characters, especially Blackbeard, a reason to hope again. Blackbeard had repeatedly expressed cynicism at the idea of a pirate retiring, claiming that the only way to leave their way of life was through death, but Zheng Yi Sao led a long and successful retirement despite — or perhaps because of — her piracy. If she appeared on Our Flag Means Death after making the decision to retire, Zheng Yi Sao could prove to Blackbeard that such a thing was actually possible.

A throwaway line in season 1 may have teased a huge Our Flag Means Death season 2 villain. It would be exciting for the HBO Max show to explore new places and characters, and the formidable Zheng Yi Sao would certainly add a new level of danger for Stede Bonnet and the rest. Despite Zheng Yi Sao's accomplishments, she is often less well-known to Western audiences than many other famous pirates, and so her inclusion in Our Flag Means Death could also bring some well-deserved attention to her many pirating triumphs.