Outriders Worldslayer: All Journal Locations Guide

There are 17 journals scattered about 5 areas in Outriders Worldslayer. The journals are collectibles that players need to get to complete missions, and will provide players with more lore and backstory about the planet Enoch.

Outriders Worldslayer is the newest DLC to the Outriders game released in 2021. The Worldslayer expansion has introduced tons of new features like Outriders' Pax skill trees, which give veteran players paragon level points to use on playstyle bonuses. Additionally, Worldslayer has added other mechanics like a Transmog system and new Expeditions for players to complete.


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The journals in Outriders Worldslayer are scattered amongst five locations: Driftwater, Black Gulch, Destroyed Rift Town, Exile Capital, and Null Point. At each location, players need to search for journals or complete quests to earn entries.

All Journal Locations in Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer Journal Entry Unlocked Driftwater

The 17 journals are scattered across several locations in Outriders Worldslayer. Two of them, in the Destroyed Rift Town, can only be found after visiting the area for the second time; they will not appear on the first visit to the zone. Below are the locations of each journal entry for the new Worldslayer DLC.


  • Salvador's Research - the journal is to the left of Dr. Zahedi on the table in the camp near the beginning of the area.
  • Journal of Village Head Ezekiel - moving towards the outskirts, go straight up the wooden ramp and into the shack. The journal is in a metal cabinet on the back wall of the shack.
  • Journal of a Villager - leave the shack and follow the wooden path behind the building and across a bridge that heads to the right. Immediately after the bridge, bear right again and go into the barn. The journal will be on the floor near the entrance.
  • Journal of an Insurgent Captain - head to the harbor. Head through the building that is lit up with the orange glow of a fire. In the next adjoining building, the insurgent captain's journal in Worldslayer will be on the floor.
  • Salvador's Unsent Letter - the last journal for Driftwater is on the way back to the Outskirts of Driftwater near the river.

Black Gulch

  • Sewer Note - enter the large blue sewer pipe. Follow the path and the journal will be on the right-hand side near the first open branching sewer pipe.
  • ECA POW's Journal - head to Death Row. The journal will be on the floor near a fire barrel.
  • Prisoner's Journal - from inside Death Row, activate the crane, which will appear as a blue gear marker on the screen. Head straight through the opening. The journal will be in an open prisoner's cage slightly to the left of center.
  • Soldier's Journal - head towards the Black Gulch Quarry. Travel down the wooden ramps, and to the right before the long bridge is the last journal entry for Black Gulch.

Exile Capital

  • Muddy Page Town from Commander Ereshkigal’s Journal - Go to the Plaza of Exiles and head towards the large open building. The journal will be on the left, near the metal floor grate, in an open container.

Destroyed Rift Town

  • ECA Report on Defeating Hounds - From camp, follow the path down. The journal is on the ground behind two men standing near the fire barrel.
  • Soldier's Journal - this is only available on the second visit to the eery Rift Town in Worldslayer and cannot be found beforehand. Head to the Perimeter Wall. Looking towards the burning building, walk towards the left of the barricade and the journal will be on the floor near the stairs.
  • Torn Page from Shira's Journal - this is only available on the second visit to the Rift Town and cannot be found beforehand. Go back to the beginning of the Perimeter Wall area and head down the flight of stairs. The last journal for Destroyed Rift Town will be on a table at the bottom of the stairs.

Null Point

  • Salvador's Journal #1 - From the convoy at camp, head to the path marked by the green flag. At the fork in the path, head right, and the journal will be on the floor underneath a brown flag.
  • Salvador's Journal #2 - head to Null Point. Walk towards the blue glowing Worldslayer shard, and it will be on the right behind a small wooden fence barricade next to some artifacts.
  • Salvador's Journal #3 - from the same location, Null Point, head towards the green flag. The journal will be beyond the green flag, on the right of the path, by some bedding and an extinguished campfire.
  • Salvador's Journal #4 - Continuing up the hill from where the third journal entry was located. The last journal will be on a bench on the right-hand side of the path.