Pokémon Fan Shares Beautiful Homemade Cubone Terrarium

A Pokémon fan has shown off a unique creation; a terrarium filled with tiny Cubone. Never seen without its skull mask, the dark lore behind this accessory has fueled theories that Cubones are orphaned Kangaskhan babies.

The Pokémon franchise is no stranger to fan projects; due to its massive roster of endearing creatures, there's a virtually limitless supply of inspiration for fanart and projects. One of the many ways fans sometimes show their love for a game is with terrariums, which are often attractive options for those who want some greenery in their homes without too much fuss. In the past, their decorative purposes have also inspired a variety of inventive fan-made creations. For example, one romantic artist made their partner, who is a fan of Breath of the Wild, a Silent Princess terrarium for Valentine's Day.


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Reddit user sheilaxlive has recently displayed a beautiful Pokémon-themed terrarium, which was gifted to them by their boyfriend. Inside the handheld glass dome, a pair of tiny Cubone miniatures stand in front of an equally small hill and cave. A tree rises up and over the scene, pushing against the glass ceiling of the terrarium as it does so. The level of care and detail that has gone into the terrarium is simply amazing. Miniscule bushes can be seen dotted around the grass, for example, and many other such details reveal themselves on close inspection. The Cubone figures themselves are another highlight, rendered in beautiful detail, right down to the lonely Ground-types' visibly unique sculpted skull masks.

Beautiful Cubone Terrarium is a Tiny Marvel

sheilaxlive's photo clearly shows how small the terrarium as a whole is, which adds another dimension to the craftsmanship on display. Using the visible fingers for scale, the entire terrarium cannot be more than a few inches high. This further emphasizes the precision needed to create the diorama contained within. The Cubone themselves are visibly smaller than the person's fingertips. Interestingly enough, sheilaxlive admits to not being a particularly avid Pokémon fan themselves, though watching the movie did apparently spark an interest in Cubone specifically. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that amazing Pokémon terrariums have been seen online; earlier this year, a range of tiny terrariums in the shape of Poké Balls wowed fans online.

There is no doubt that sheilaxlive is a very lucky person. The terrarium they have been presented with is a true work of art. With it being so incredibly small, the level of detail held within the glass is exquisite. The diorama contained within the terrarium really looks like a handheld slice of the Pokémon world. This is obviously a delight for any Cubone fan, but even Pokémon fans in general will likely find much to love about this miniature creation. The sight of two Cubone sharing such a beautiful space is utterly delightful. While some fans may still debate about where exactly Cubone come from, it seems that these two have managed to find a home.

Source: sheilaxlive/Reddit