Pokémon GO: How To Find (& Catch) Galarian Moltres

By participating in the Special Research Quest, "A Mysterious Incense," Trainers have a chance to find and capture the Dark and Flying-type Pokémon GO Legendary, Galarian Moltres, one of the new Galarian variants recently added to the game. During the two-part series quest, Trainers will receive Daily Adventure Incense, a new type of Incense that will lure various wild Pokémon for 15 minutes as long the player's avatar is walking or running.

After starting the "A Mysterious Incense" Special Research Quest in Pokémon GO, a single use of Daily Adventure Incense will be given to Trainers for free. Furthermore, Trainers are able to receive this Incense once per day, as the lure will be added to their Item Bag at 12 a.m. local time. Keep in mind that players can only hold one Daily Adventure Incense at a time and can only receive another after the daily reset. This Incense's unique and helpful feature is providing 30 free Poké Balls to those who only have 30 or fewer total Poké Balls, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls. This effect only occurs once when activated. As mentioned above, Daily Adventure Incense won't work when a Trainer is stationary, unlike normal Incense that is active for its entire duration.


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When a Daily Adventure Incense is active in Pokémon GO, Galarian Moltres has a slight chance of spawning near-moving players within the Incense's 15-minute window. However, Galarian Moltres is a rare Legendary Encounter and possesses an exceptionally high Flee Rate and an extremely low Base Catch Rate. As a result, catching this Pokémon can be moderately difficult.

Catching Galarian Moltres In Pokémon GO

Catching Galarian Moltres In Pokémon GO

To capture Galarian Moltres in Pokémon GO, players are recommended to use standard Catch Rate modifiers, such as Great or Ultra Balls. Additionally, they can utilize the following techniques below:

  • Razz Berry: boosts the Catch Rate's chance of success by ×1.5
  • Golden Razz Berry: functions similar to the Razz Berry but raises the chance of success by ×2.5
  • Landing a Nice throw: boosts the Catch Rate's chance of success by ×1 to ×1.3, depending on if the Trainer executed a Curve Throw
  • Landing a Great throw: bolsters the Catch Rate by ×1.3 to ×1.7
  • Landing an Excellent throw in Pokémon GO: buffs one's chance of catching the Pokémon by ×1.7 to ×2
  • Delinquent Medal: provides a Catch Bonus for Dark-type Pokémon
  • Bird Keeper Medal: provides a Catch Bonus for Flying-type Pokémon

Below is additional information for Trainers regarding Galarian Moltres in Pokémon GO, such as the best Moveset,  elemental resistances, and weaknesses for the Legendary:

  • Best Moveset: Fast Move - Sucker Punch Charged Move - Brave Bird
  • Strong Against: Ghost, Grass, Dark, Ground, and Psychic
  • Weak Against: Rock, Electric, Ice, and Fairy