Pokémon GO: How To Use Daily Adventure Incense

Pokémon GO is rolling out a new item available to all players for free, the Daily Adventure Incense. The item, which does not take up bag space and is available to use once every day, offers a solution to players in rural areas who may not have a nearby Pokéstop. This item functions similarly to the already existing Incense, except it lasts for 15 minutes instead of 30, and allows players to catch legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Since most wild Pokémon in an area are limited to the current season’s roster, players can be limited in what Pokémon they can encounter during an adventure. With the Daily Adventure Incense, a mixture of rare and legendary Pokémon can be found. Previously egg or raid-exclusive Pokémon, such as Vullaby, Tyrunt, and Gible, can be found using this Incense. Some may even find a fully-evolved started Pokémon such as Charizard. Notably, the Galarian bird trio: Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres can all be found for the first time in Pokémon GO using the Incense. Legendary Pokémon encountered during a Daily Adventure Incense has a much higher flee rate and a much lower capture rate than normal.


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To acquire the Daily Adventure Incense, players must first log in and see if they have been granted access to it. They will know because a cutscene will trigger, giving players a new Special Research Task with Rhi in Pokémon GO, titled “A Mysterious Incense” with two parts. The first part simply requires the player to tap collect, receiving 500 XP and unlocking the item. Once received, the item will be saved in the player’s bag permanently, to be used once per day.

How To Optimize Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Adventure Incense Postcard

To use the Incense, enter the Items bag and scroll down until Daily Adventure Incense is showing. It will be beneath the normal green Incense in the bag, or beneath the Meltan-event Mystery Box. Click on it, and for 15 minutes, a swirl of blue will surround the player, indicating that Daily Adventure Incense is active. For optimal use in Pokémon GO, players must walk around the nearby area instead of remaining stationary. Note that a Daily Adventure Incense will not work if the player has already activated a normal Incense, and vice versa.

To compensate for a lack of Pokéstops in rural areas, Pokémon GO has also added free daily Poké Balls for players with under 30 Poké Balls total. To receive the free Poké Balls you must activate the Daily Adventure Incense, and have (in total) equal to or fewer than 30 combined Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. Once the adventure is complete, players will be shown a postcard in Pokémon GO detailing all the Pokémon they caught, with easy access to share on social media.