Pokémon Gold Player Character Recreated In Stop-Motion LEGO Video

A clever Pokémon fan has remade the player character of Pokémon Gold with LEGO-based stop-motion animation. Fans have used LEGO and stop-motion to recreate scenes from popular games and movies in the past, sometimes to an impressive level of detail.

Stop-motion is a simple, albeit very time-consuming form of animation. Stop-motion is typically created by taking successive photographs of some sort of model, each image bearing minute changes to the last. These images are then treated as video frames and played together to create the illusion of movement. The process of physically manipulating models by tiny degrees means that even the shortest of sequences can take hours to create. On the other hand, its simplicity makes it very accessible. As a result, many fans have taken to acting out scenes with figures while others work in another medium such as plasticine or clay, like one Genshin Impact fan did to recreate Dvalin from his introductory cutscene.


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Now Reddit user uBeckrs has used LEGO in order to faithfully remake Ethan, the male player character from Pokémon Gold, in an impressive new piece of stop-motion animation. Due to the original Game Boy Color game's graphical limitations, Ethan's overworld sprite was rendered with only three colors (including black outlines) and a handful of pixels. This same basic design has been brought to life with the use of 1x1 LEGO studs on a 16x16 square white background, the equivalent to a single tile in Pokémon Gold's overworld. Imitating the original pixel art, the short clip uploaded to Reddit shows a red and peach-colored Ethan walking in a perfect recreation of the original Pokémon game's animations, complete with sound effects.

Stop-Motion Animation Shows Pokémon's Ethan And Red Teaming Up

Pokemon Gold Player Character

In addition to this, a 3-minute stop-motion video was uploaded to the Legotto YouTube channel, which apparently took uBeckrs over a month of work to create. The viewer watches as Ethan traverses a world interspaced with buttons like B and A, similar to those of the Game Boy Color. Other objects like doors and stairs also make an appearance, once again matching the classic Pokémon sprites. In the course of his journey to activate and play a real-life Game Boy Color, Ethan even encounters a monochrome Red, as he originally appeared in Red & Blue. The video ends with the promising line of "To Be Continued...". It could very well be that this next installment will feature a similarly stunning remake of Pokémon Red, considering that this is the game cartridge that the two trainers have now obtained.

This is a brilliant example of stop-motion animation, one which is extremely accurate to its source material. The usage of LEGO has undoubtedly made the production of both the demonstrative clip and the full video much easier for uBeckrs, as it is less delicate than other stop-motion mediums and far more structural. Of course, ease is by no means a guarantee of speed, as the production time of the full story video has demonstrated; over a month of work was required to produce just under three minutes of animation. This in turn means that the next installment is likely a long way away at present. Nevertheless, many Pokémon fans will undoubtedly be happy to wait however long it takes to see a continuation of this adorable new stop-motion animation video.