Pokémon Most Likely To Steal Your Lunch Money

Some Pokémon are cute, docile creatures, but there are a few that are threatening, scary creatures who look like they're ready to beat up students in the lunch line and take their lunch money. The Pokémon brand has been built on the cute and cuddly creatures, like Pikachu and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's adorable starters, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. However, for every friendly face, there's a mischievous ghost or muscular bug to instead threaten the humans of the Pokémon world.


Pokémon has a wide variety of creatures across the franchise's 26 years. While the more cute or cool creatures are the ones that usually get the most attention from players, there are also plenty of intimidating monsters in the games' lineups. Whether they're a formidable featured Legendary Pokémon or a monster found in the wild, these Pokémon can be quite imposing.

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Some of these more intimidating Pokémon look ready to straight up steal Trainers' lunch money. Due to an appearance of strength, terror, or a combination of the two, some Pokémon just give off the vibe of being a bully. From Buzzwole to Pinsir, here are some of the Pokémon who look like they're right at home as schoolyard bullies.

Buzzwole Could Use His Strength To Shake Down Trainers

Buzzwole looks like he could shake down Pokémon Trainers.

One of the most obvious candidates to be a bully, future Pokémon Unite combatant Buzzwole could definitely steal Pokémon Trainers' lunch money. Just look at it. The imposing physique alone is enough to deter even the bravest students in the school from standing up for themselves. However, it gets even scarier when you consider Buzzwole's size. Imagine a student approaches with a pretty strong friend ready to steal lunch money. Pretty scary, right? Now imagine that friend is essentially a 7 foot, 10 inch, 700 pound mosquito with four legs and muscles that would give even the most qualified bodybuilders a run for their money. Even the bravest students at the Trainers' school aren't likely to try protecting their lunch money when the swolest bug in the region is there to back up a bully.

Hawlucha Is Another Bully For Pokémon Trainers To Watch Out For

Hawlucha is another Pokémon bully Trainers should keep an eye out for.

Sometimes it's not the size of the Pokémon in the fight that Trainers fear, but the size of the fight in the Pokémon. This isn't clearer in any creature than it is in Hawlucha, one of Ash's main Pokémon that first appears in games set in the Kalos region. Standing at an underwhelming 2'7", Hawlucha may not be intimidating in his appearance, but its fighting proficiency and skill are sure to intimidate the most stoic of students.

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Although its size may not be anything for students to worry about, where Hawlucha may be able to get lunch money out of students is its fighting skill. One of the few Pokémon to master a dual-type move, the fighting and flying move Flying Press, Hawlucha brings a scary amount of skill to the table thanks to its pro wrestling experience. While this luchador bird may not be the most physically intimidating Pokémon, Trainers unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of its beat downs will be sorry they didn't hand over their money sooner.

Grimmsnarl Is A Terrifying Pokémon To See In The Lunch Line

Grimmsnarl is a nasty bully you don't want to see in the lunch line.

Like Buzzwole, Grimmsnarl is another physically intimidating Pokémon, with an even more intimidating Gigantamax form that could come to Pokémon Unite, that Trainers are better off trying to avoid. Without knowing anything about the truth behind its appearance, Grimmsnarl is still an intimidating presence. Even though its average height is below 5 feet tall, this Dark- and Fairy-type Pokémon would be one Trainers should try to steer clear of. This fear gets emphasized when Grimmsnarl's anatomy is closely observed. At first glance, it seems like this creature is very hairy. A little gross, perhaps, but not anything to be afraid of. However, per the Grimmsnarl's Pokédex entry, this isn't hair, nor is it vines. These shaggy-looking skin coverings are actually muscle fibers. Buzzwole may still be a more intimidating monster, but a trickster covered in muscle fibers isn't one to be trifled with either.

Pinsir Is A Spiky Stalwart That Poses A Threat

Pinsir is a spiky, mean Pokémon that would make a good bully.

While no kids at the Trainer School may have a Pinsir due to it being a cool, but underrated Pokémon, the other students better watch out if they do. A Bug-type introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games, Red & Blue, Pinsir has never been much of a Pokémon for the spotlight. However, whether it's in the spotlight or not, this insect might be one of the cruelest creatures in the cafeteria.

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Standing at around five feet tall, this Pokémon's stature isn't one that will necessarily inspire fear in Trainers. But just look at its body. Pinsir has claws on its arms and legs, not to mention its other pressure points. Those teeth leave a lot more than a mark, and of course, Pinsir's... pincers are sure to put quite a vice grip on any victims unlucky enough to be in this Pokémon's path.

Gengar Has Some Bullying Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Gengar can be caught in the Coronet Highlands of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Gengar isn't nearly as intimidating in Squishmallow form, but this mischievous monster is another one that no one wants to see in the cafeteria. As shown in spinoffs like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, even if they may not be the most physically threatening species of Pokémon, they are some of the most cunning, as they're always plotting in the shadows. This tendency, in addition to a ghostly form, would make them a surefire candidate to be a lunch money thief in Kanto schools. Gengar's powers of levitation and teleportation both make it a sneaky Pokémon able to easily take any Trainer's lunch money if they please. Luckily, most young Trainers will be safe from Gengar's theft, as it seems unlikely that this Pokémon has any need for tangible food. The bad news, though, is that Gengar feeds on dreams, so young trainers will instead likely encounter Gengar in their sleep instead of the cafeteria, somehow an even scarier prospect.

There are plenty of Pokémon that are cute and cuddly for trainers to bond with, like some underrated Hisuian Pokémon from Legends: Arceus. However, an overlooked trait is the possibility for some Pokémon to act as bullies to younger trainers, and even go so far as to steal their lunch money or hand out noogies. Whether it's physically imposing Pokémon like Grimmsnarl and Buzzwole, or the more cunning and capable, though smaller Hawlucha and Gengar, there are plenty of Pokémon that may try to give trainers a shakedown on their way to the lunchroom. Luckily, with a capable team of their own, Trainers will be able to avoid getting any of their lunch money stolen by intimidating Pokémon.