Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Fan Turns Fire Emblem's Edelgard Into A Fidough

A fan artist combines assets from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and Fire Emblem: Three Houses to turn Edelgard von Hresvelg into a Fidough. Fidough is a puppy Pokémon made entirely from dough. The Fairy-Type Pokémon recently made its debut in a trailer for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Edelgard can play the part of a protagonist, or an antagonist based on the player's decisions, in both Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In both games, regardless of what story route the player chooses, Edelgard ascends to the throne of the Adrestian Empire, becoming its Emperor. After a time skip of five years, Edelgard starts donning a golden horned headpiece and two "Princess Leia" styled buns on either side of her head. She also has very light-colored hair, which is the result of horrific experimentation done by an evil group called Those Who Slither in the Dark to give her the power of a second crest. Overall, it's become an easily recognizable look among Fire Emblem fans.


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Pokémon and Fire Emblem fan mogiberii recently posted an edited image of Fidough wearing Edelgard's iconic golden crown. With Fidough's big circular bun ears, and light cream-colored body being close to Edelgard's hair color, thousands of fans have seen the similarities, especially after seeing this post. With some simple edits using official art, Edelgard's crown fits perfectly over Fidough's dog ear buns. As mogiberii points out, both characters have "the Leia donuts", which the crown edit only makes even more apparent.

Pokémon and Fire Emblem Fan Turns Edelgard into a Fidough

There aren't many characters with the two symmetrical cinnamon buns hairstyle and even fewer that can pull that look off. Edelgard and Fidough both however have done it, earning a spot in fans' memories as both memorable and beloved designs. While Fidough's adorable and doughy appearance may contrast with Edelgard's dignified and refined personality, it only makes the comparison between the two even more charming. Whether Edelgard is a woman or Pokémon, the fact that she is recognizable in either form shows how distinctive the character designs in Fire Emblem are.

The mental image of a powerful conquering Emperor leading a massive army as a tiny little fairy dog made out of sweet dough is both adorable and hilarious. It is unknown if Fidough evolves, but perhaps if it does then there can be further similarities found between it and Edelgard. Mogiberii's edit has delighted both Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans alike.

Source: mogiberii/Twitter