Pokémon: The 10 Ugliest Fairy-Types Of All-Time

Pokémon's upcoming games, Scarlet & Violet, have yet to announce a Fairy-type creature, but it's a matter of time. After all, the Fairy-type has quickly become one of the most powerful in the franchise, thanks to its advantage against the once-mighty Dragon-type.

Fairy-type Pokémon are usually pink or cream-colored and cute, giving the type a reputation for beauty. However, not all Fairy-types fit this description; in fact, some are objectively ugly. It's not their fault, but they can't help but be somewhat of a stain for the type, standing out for all the wrong reasons.


10 Mega Mawile

Mega Mawile in battle in the Pokémon anime.

Mawile was one of the most inconsequential Pokémon from the Hoenn region. However, things changed in Gen VI, upon the arrival of the Fairy-type and Mega Evolutions. Now a dual Steel/Fairy-type capable of Mega Evolving, Mawile is a dangerous threat in battle.

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Mega Evolution isn't entirely kind to Mawile, severely altering its form and changing it from a pleasant-looking Pokémon into a Lovecraftian terror straight out of someone's nightmares. Mawile becomes more powerful, but all its cuteness disappears, replaced by two gigantic mouths coming out of its head. And while its body remains mostly the same, the hair is horrifying enough to make it objectively ugly.

9 Slurpuff

Slurpuff from the Pokémon anime series

The Kalos region has many underrated Pokémon; sadly, Slurpuff isn't one of them. A pure Fairy-type with nothing to make it particularly remarkable or even memorable, Slurpuff's main claim to fame is being one of many Pokémon based on food. Indeed, Slurpuff is based on a piece of meringue.

Slurpuff isn't exactly ugly; instead, it is silly-looking, like a dumb dog that nobody finds endearing. Its hairdo is bad enough to give Wally Cleaver a run for his money, but the vacant expression on its face makes it even worse. Slurpuff has all the makings of a cute Fairy-type -- round figure, a pink color scheme, stubby arms and legs --, but the idea doesn't work once executed.

8 Klefki

Pokemon Klefki

Some Pokémon are basically household items, and Klefki is one of those. Cute in a it's-so-tiny-it's-sweet kind of way, Klefki is somewhat useful in battle for experienced Trainers who know how to take advantage of its perfect Steel/Fairy dual-type.

However, Klefki's design is the worst kind in the Pokémon franchise: it's lazy. Klefki is a floating keychain with eyes and a keyhole that resembles a mouth. Nothing is striking about its design; it doesn't even look like a Pokémon, and some fans could confuse it for some quirky anime character. Kelfki is more unimpressive than ugly, but it's most certainly not cute.

7 Granbull

Like many other Pokémon before Generation VI, Granbull and its pre-evolution, Snubull, were pure Normal-type. Fairy's arrival changed things, improving them competitively and giving them an edge. And while Granbull will never become a star in the competitive scene, it at least has more bite in a regular playthrough.

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However, the Fairy-type didn't make Granbull any cuter. This dog-like creature is still as ugly as it was when it debuted in Generation II. To be fair, Granbull is supposed to be intimidating rather than cute, and it succeeds at that; those fans would send any inexperienced Trainer running for the hills. However, considering most other Fairy-types are cute and loveable, Grabull sticks out like a sore thumb.

6 Mimikyu

Jessie's Mimikyu

Thanks to the always welcome Ghost-type, Mimikyu is one of the best dual-type Fairy Pokémon. Its lore is also fascinating, with it acting meek and shy and hiding its true form -- said to be able to cause illness and death to whoever looks at it. It hides under a Pikachu costume to make friends, but its disguise makes it look creepier.

Poor Mimikyu. It isn't its fault to be that ugly, but it is; not many Pokémon can say they are so ugly that their true form kills anyone who witnesses it. The franchise sometimes includes some genuinely bizarre backstories, and Mimikyu's lore is upsetting to the point of becoming sad. This poor creature only wants to make friends but is so ugly that it can't.

5 Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime from Pokemon

At first, Mr. Mime was a pure Psychic-type before receiving the Fairy secondary type in Gen VI. The curious-looking Pokémon became somewhat popular because of his role in the anime, where he acted as Delia Ketchum's loyal helper and companion.

Humanoid Pokémon are never a hit with fans, so Mr. Mime already had that working against him. However, his confused expression and overly skinny limbs make it even creepier. The Detective Pikachu film also damaged the mime's image considerably, depicting it with a face that looked overly human. At least its pre-evolution, Mime Jr., is cute enough for the two.

4 Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing as seen in Pokémon Go

Weezing was one of Team Rocket's most powerful Pokémon and an icon from Generation I. The underrated Poison-type returned to prominence in Gen VIII after receiving a regional variant that gave it the secondary Fairy-type, making it one of the most unexpected threats in the Galar competitive scene.

Alas, despite receiving the Fairy-type, Weezing remained as ugly as ever. In all fairness, Weezing is supposed to be ugly and unappealing; it even has the hazard sing on its belly! The smog-like mustache and top-hat-resembling chimneys make it quirky, but they don't make it pretty. Indeed, Weezing is still ugly and will probably always be.

3 Grimmsnarl

pokemon grimmsnarl

Dark and Fairy are an inspired type combination, and while it took three generations to arrive, it was worth the wait. Grimmsnarl is a great Pokémon on the battlefield, boasting strong stats, two immunities, and two resistances thanks to its type combo. Furthermore, its ability to Gigantamax makes it even more valuable.

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Because of its Dark typing, Grimmsnarl is also extremely ugly. Built like a bodybuilder with a face that seems straight out of a gothic fairy tale, this imp-like creature will scare any Trainer in a dark forest. Grimmsnarl is too human-like to ever be cute, but its aggressive features make it objectively ugly.

2 Aromatisse

Aromatisse in the Pokemon anime

Aromatisse is one of the first Fairy Pokémon introduced upon the type's arrival in Generation VI. A pure Fairy-type, this pink flamingo-like creature isn't exactly winning any points for its battling prowess; indeed, its main claim to fame is how controversial its design is.

As one of the many Pokémon inspired by mythology, Aromatisse wears its influences on its puffy sleeve. It draws inspiration from plague doctors, explaining its beak and mask-like face. While not exactly humanoid, Aromatisse is a bizarre mix of an animal-like creature with distinctively human features, resulting in an odd Pokémon that's not exactly pleasant to the eye.

1 Enamorus

Enamorus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The genies were already controversial enough before Enamorus arrived in Generation VIII. Their humanoid traits made them immensely unpopular among fans, and Enamorus didn't improve their standing. As a Legendary Pokémon, Enamorus has strong stats and a decent movepool, making it worth the Trainer's time.

However, Enamorus is possibly the ugliest Fairy-type and a strong contender for the ugliest Pokémon in the franchise. Its overly gangly frame makes it look odd, and its perpetually annoyed expression worsens matters. Overall, Enamorus looks like an angry librarian that will scold the Trainer for speaking too loud, which no one needs.

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