Pokemon Yellow Has A Glitch That Freezes Time

There is a glitch in Pokémon Yellow and the other Gen 1 Pokémon games that lets the player freeze time at the start of the story. This glitch is incredibly easy to do, but many people missed it, as it appears during a cutscene where players are likely tapping the button, since it happens during a dialogue section. The early Pokémon games are known for their glitches, with the most infamous examples involving spawning a Mew encounter by manipulating battle data, or the strange method for creating MissingNo.


There are lots of Gen 1 Pokémon glitches, some of which were created during the localization process. The original version of Pokémon Red and Green released in Japan were even glitchier and the English language release was actually based on the more stable Pokémon Blue. The last Gen 1 Pokémon game released was Pokémon Yellow, which had a story that more closely followed the anime, with the protagonist receiving a Pikachu at the start, facing Jessie and James of Team Rocket throughout the story, and they had a chance to acquire the three Kanto starters.

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Even before the changes made for the Virtual Conosle, Pokémon Yellow was the most stable game of Gen 1, and it fixed some of the more well-known glitches from Pokémon Red and Blue. This isn't to say that Pokémon Yellow didn't have its glitches, as the new systems introduced with the starter Pikachu added several glitches to the line-up. It's possible to glitch the game at the very beginning of the story, using a method that only requires timing on the part of the player.

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A glitch in Pokémon Yellow lets players indefinitely suspend a cutscene near the beginning of the game.

As demonstrated by the LanceAndMissingNo. YouTube channel, it's possible to pause Pokémon Yellow at the start of the game. Simply start a new game and leave Pallet Town. Professor Oak will show up and catch a Pikachu. Once the player follows Oak into the lab, there will be an Eevee (not one of the Pokémon that looks different in Red and Blue) on the desk in a Poké Ball. Once Red approaches the Poké Ball, his Rival will say something and an exclamation mark will appear above his head. If the player holds the A button when the exclamation mark appears, then the game will freeze and won't proceed until they let go of the button, trapping Oak, Red, and the Rival in time.

It's possible to do this glitch in all the Gen 1 Pokémon games, but the timing is slightly different in Pokémon Red and Blue, as the glitch must be done after naming the starter Pokémon chosen by the player. The most famous Gen 1 Pokémon glitches actually take a lot of work to pull off and it's unlikely that most players would ever have discovered Pokémon's MissingNo glitch if it weren't for the Internet. There are still a few easy-to-find glitches in the Gen 1 Pokémon games and the time freezing glitch in Pokémon Yellow might be the easiest of them all.

Source: LanceAndMissingNo./YouTube