Red Hood's 'Final Words' Make Jason Todd's Death Even More Heartbreaking

Famously remembered for his brief tenure as the second Robin, Jason Todd, later known as the Red Hood, had three final thoughts before Batman's nemesis, the Joker, murdered him.

Taken in by Batman after stealing tires off the Batmobile, Jason Todd was given a chance to reinvent himself as the second Boy Wonder. However, the young hero’s new life would be cut short when fans voted in favor of the Joker murdering him. After Robin’s death, Batman experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt and failure, causing the hero to become much more violent when fighting his enemies. Jason Todd was later revived by Talia al Ghul using one of her father’s Lazarus Pits, inspiring him to become the Red Hood after learning the Joker was never killed by Batman.


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While Jason’s memories surrounding his resurrection have frequently been explored, until Red Hood and the Outlaws #0, the second Robin’s final moments were a mystery. In this issue, Jason claims that his three thoughts before his death were all directed at Batman and included, "Goodbye," "Thank you," and "I'm sorry.” This heartbreaking glimpse into Jason Todd's last moments indicates that he had an idea of the impact his death would have on Batman.

The last words Jason Todd never got to say to Batman.

Jason Todd’s final thoughts suggest that he was aware of the impact his death would have on Batman. Although he does his best to hide it, Red Hood often shows he cares in heartbreaking ways, such as revealing what he wishes he could have said to Bruce before dying. First, Jason states he would have liked to say “Goodbye.” Unfortunately, a significant aspect of Batman’s guilt is that by the time he arrived to save Robin, the Joker’s bomb had already detonated, and Jason Todd was dead. Due to this, Bruce never got the chance to say goodbye to his son, which could have provided him with some much-needed closure. Next, Jason says he wanted to tell Batman, “Thank you.” Before he was caught stealing tires, Jason had no family and was left to fend for himself in Crime Alley. Guilt may have made Bruce regret letting Jason be Robin, but there was a time when being the Boy Wonder was the best thing to ever happen to him. Allowing Jason to thank Bruce before dying could have reminded Batman of this, preventing one of his biggest regrets. Lastly, Jason wishes he could have said “I’m sorry” to Bruce. Although Batman’s view of the Robins may be controversial, the hero cares about his sidekicks and feels responsible when they are harmed. As a result, Bruce blames himself for Robin’s death even though Jason’s final thoughts suggest he shouldn’t.

By wishing he could apologize, Jason proves that he does not blame Bruce and takes responsibility for his own demise. Had Batman been told this, his guilt over Jason’s death may not have been as consuming. Thanks to Red Hood's memories in Red Hood and the Outlaws #0, fans now know what was running through Jason Todd's mind before his death. Jason Todd's three final thoughts add another layer to his tragic demise and return as Red Hood, proving the Boy Wonder knew exactly how it would impact Batman.