Retta Slams Good Girls Cancellation, Blames On One Person

Good Girls star Retta says that the NBC crime comedy was close to getting another season, if not for one person. Retta played Ruby in the series, who joins forces with her two best friends (played by Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and The Perks of Being a Wallflower’s Mae Whitman) to rob a grocery store for the money she needs to pay for her daughter’s kidney transplant. Each of the three suburban moms is in a financial bind of her own, and they soon find themselves working for a drug dealer at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted.

Though never a massive hit, the show had a small but dedicated fanbase that kept it on air for four seasons. In June 2021, Good Girls was canceled. Soon after, TVLine reported that the show was close to securing a season 5 renewal as Retta, Hendricks, and Whitman had all agreed on pay cuts to bring the series back for a final run. However, negotiations with Manny Montana, who played the women’s drug lord boss, were reportedly less successful. Some viewers theorized that this could’ve been due to Montana’s allegedly rocky relationship with Hendricks, or that he was simply unwilling to take the pay cut agreed upon by the show’s other leads. The cancellation resulted in a season 4 that was hastily wrapped up to compensate for Good Girls’ unexpected end.


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In a recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Retta discussed Good Girls' cancellation. She stated that while the show neared a renewal, ultimately, one person was responsible for the series being canceled. Read Retta’s full explanation below:

We were very close to a fifth season, but one person ruined it for all of cast and crew, and so it's not back...I think it was a little too close to when they would have to start and figure out story, so no [they couldn't be replaced]. Trust me, Kelly, I'm salty! I was literally, like, ok, maybe there was a bomb scare at some point and then a bomb actually went off, and that's why that person's gone.

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Despite Retta's comments seemingly lining up with what was previously reported about Good Girls' cancellation, it's surprising to hear her speak so plainly about one person being responsible. Often, viewers aren't privy to any specifics about why a show was canceled, but the exact opposite has happened with Good Girls. It's also worth noting that season 4’s bizarre ending makes a lot more sense after having further confirmation that another season was initially expected.

Even though Good Girls was consistently wacky (and the wackiness worked for it), seasons 1-3 managed to craft storylines that felt like they made sense even while raising the stakes higher and higher. By contrast, season 4 asked viewers to suspend too much disbelief as plot points and twists became increasingly unrealistic. Still, even though there’s no shortage of television exploring the concept of a normal person backed against a wall and turning to corruption, Good Girls put a fun and fresh spin on this familiar idea. It also examined the realities and pitfalls of suburban life from the female perspective, which allowed it to stand on its own against bigger shows with similar themes like Breaking Bad and Ozark. Good Girls may have joined the ranks of series put to rest too soon, but at least there are still four seasons for viewers to revisit.