Revisiting The Big Brother 24 Final 3 Houseguests’ Resumés Before Finale

As the Big Brother 24 finale approaches, fans are reflecting on who deserves to win the game, and all three of the final houseguests, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Matt "Turner" Turner, have very impressive resumés. This is one of the most evenly-matched Final 3 groups in the show's history. All three of the final contestants have played the game without coasting or floating. Throughout the summer, they made moves that changed the trajectory of the game.


Although they have had some conflict during the Big Brother 24 season, Taylor, Monte, and Turner have been working together since they formed the seven-person Leftovers alliance in week 3 along with Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Kyle Capener, and Brittany Hoopes. The alliance was formed not only because these houseguests felt that they were at the bottoms of their original alliances, but also to protect Taylor from the bullying that she had endured in the house since the season began. The Leftovers shattered when Kyle revealed the alliance to his showmance Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins during Dyre Fest, but they made moves that changed the game early on.

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Another interesting aspect of this Big Brother 24 Final 3 is the development of a late-in-the-game showmance between Taylor and Monte. Although they have since broken up, their closeness changed the dynamics of the relationships in the house. However, they did not allow their romance to affect their gameplay. Taylor, Monte, and Turner all have impressive Big Brother resumés that make them evenly matched, something that has not been seen in a Final 3 group for many seasons.

Taylor Hale's Big Brother Resumé

Taylor Hale Big Brother 24

Taylor, a 27-year-old personal stylist and former pageant queen from West Bloomfield, Michigan, will go down in Big Brother history as one of the biggest underdogs to ever play the game. Early in the game, she was the house target and the victim of bullying and micro-aggressions from her fellow houseguests. Taylor was nominated for eviction six times in weeks 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, and 12. In weeks 1 and 2, she was almost certain to go home, but she survived the block when Paloma Aguilar self-evicted the first week and when the house decided to blindside Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli in week 2. Although Taylor never won the Power of Veto, she did win two Head of Household (HOH) competitions in weeks 6 and 11. During her HOH reigns, Indy Santos and Brittany both were evicted and are now jury members.

Monte Taylor's Big Brother Resumé

Monte Taylor from Big Brother 24

Monte is a 27-year-old personal trainer from Bear, Delaware. During Big Brother 24, Monte was HOH twice, in weeks 4 and 10. Nicole Layog went home during his first HOH. He also evicted Alyssa before Final 4. However, Monte's two Power of Veto wins were his most impressive moves in the game. On Day 65, during the second half of the double eviction, Monte won the veto and used it to save Alyssa from the chopping block so that HOH Turner could nominate Michael. Michael had been dominating the game and even broke Janelle Pierzina's single-season veto record after 16 years by winning a sixth veto. Beating Michael at that veto competition and using it to make a space for him on the chopping block was a huge move for Monte. In week 11, he won the veto again and cast the sole vote to evict Michael's number one ally, Brittany.

Matt "Turner" Turner's Big Brother Resumé

Turner on Big Brother 24

Turner, a 23-year-old thrift store owner from New Bedford, Massachusetts, became a fan favorite during week 3 when he was HOH and The Leftovers alliance formed to stop the bullying of Taylor. When veto winners Michael and Brittany removed themselves from the chopping block, many houseguests, including Nicole and Daniel Durston, who had attacked Taylor earlier, wanted Turner to replace them with Nicole and her Festie Bestie Taylor. However, Turner made an epic veto speech and nominated Festie Besties Terrance Higgins and Ameerah Jones instead, blindsiding Ameerah with her eventual eviction. Turner then stood up for what was right again when he nominated Kyle for eviction after Michael and Brittany revealed Kyle's problematic comments about race in the house. And on Day 65, Turner nominated powerhouse Michael during the double eviction and sent him to the jury. Although he did not win any Power of Veto competitions, Turner's actions as HOH were very impressive.

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All the Big Brother 24 Final 3 houseguests have created exciting moments that will be remembered for a long time. Taylor, Monte, and Turner are certainly future all-stars, and any one of them would be worthy of winning the $750,000 grand prize. The runner-up takes home $75,000. If any of them wins America's Favorite Houseguest, they will win $50,000 and a cruise for two. No matter what happens, Taylor, Monte, and Turner are some of the most memorable Big Brother houseguests in recent memory.

The Big Brother 24 finale airs Sunday, September 25 at 8 p.m. on CBS.