RHOBH: Fans Catch Diana Jenkins’ Subtle Shade To Sutton Stracke

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans caught Diana Jenkins flipping Sutton Stracke the bird while the two ladies had lunch together. Diana is the newest member of RHOBH season 12 and already has started drama with Sutton and fellow cast member Garcelle Beauvais. During a conversation amongst the housewives, Diana chimed in and said Sutton was “clumsy” with her words. She further stirred the pot by constantly making fun of Sutton for eating bacon after claiming she was a vegetarian.

Diana often complained that Sutton made everything about herself and had trouble relating to the southern belle. During a cast outing on a yacht, Diana shared how she lost her brother during the Bosnian war and how it’s still a painful memory for her. Sutton brought up her father’s suicide when she was a young adult as a way to relate to Diana’s loss, but the new RHOBH star thought Sutton was bringing the conversation back to her and walked away. Later, at Garcelle’s birthday party, Sutton tried to clear the air with Diana, but shots were fired by both housewives.


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Sutton again reached out to Diana and asked her to hash things out over lunch. Although Sutton tried to explain where she was coming from, Diana was not receptive. Eagle-eyed RHOBH fan u/nifferj noticed Diana subtly giving Sutton the middle finger and posted on Reddit, “Anyone catch the sly bird Dianughhh threw at Sutton?” SnooMacaroons5473 replied, “Totally caught that. She did not want to be there.” Many RHOBH viewers have criticized Diana for seeming disengaged with her castmates. Another fan wasn’t as aware and wrote, “Well done. I didn’t catch that.” Another RHOBH fan shared, “Hahahaha yes I did! What a b****,” while someone else said, “I immediately caught it. What a b****.”

Reddit user Dcorcor408 noticed, “Diana is doing way too much. It’s exhausting and confusing what exactly she’s trying to accomplish and what her issue is with Sutton." They also believe that Diana's "anger" was "plotted by Rinna" and that "Diana thought she was going to rise from this and be the next ‘it’ housewife.” Many fans agree that Diana is trying way too hard to make her mark in RHOBH season 12, although fans are confused as to why she joined the show in the first place. As the wealthiest cast member of The Real Housewives franchise, Diana doesn’t need the paycheck. There is speculation that she is trying to dispel the rumors of her book Room 23 being a list of high-end prostitutes and clients. However, her behavior on RHOBH is doing no favors for her reputation.

Despite Sutton’s attempts at befriending Diana, the native Bosnian seems set on disliking her castmate. While Diana pointed out that Sutton gets into fights with almost all of her castmates, there is usually some sort of resolution. However, it seems as if Diana is not open to a truce with Sutton. Perhaps she will warm up to Sutton in later episodes, but it seems unlikely given her subtle flip-off. Viewers have criticized Diana for being unlikable and many doubt she’ll return for a second season of RHOBH.