RHOBH: Fans React To Rumors Of Diana, Lisa, & Erika Firing

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 has been slammed as being unwatchable due to Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and newcomer Diana Jenkins and fans shared their reactions to a rumor that all three were getting fired. Erika has been on RHOBH since season 6 and fans were largely split on how they felt about her. Many felt that she was cold and bullied her cast mates into submission during fights. However, others loved the Pretty Mess star and envied her fabulous lifestyle. Erika’s fanbase took a hit after allegations that her now-estranged husband Tom Girardi had scammed his clients of millions of dollars. Many accused Erika of acting heartless towards his victims and only caring about her own problems.


RHOBH fans were excited when Lisa joined the cast in season 5. The former Days of Our Lives star was one of the biggest names to join RHOBH. Many loved her fun-loving antics, but fans soon accused her of being a pot-stirrer and throwing her longtime friend Denise Richards under the bus in season 10. RHOBH fans sympathized with Lisa when she lost her mom, Lois, ahead of season 12. However, viewers are growing tired of her using Lois’ death as an excuse to act inappropriately. Viewers also accused Lisa of giving newcomer Diana a free pass to bully Sutton Stracke. While Diana was at first fascinating to RHOBH fans, many quickly became turned off by her pretentious attitude and portraying herself as the season’s villain.

Reddit user u/Inevitable_Pack6694 posted a tidbit from Instagram page Bravo and Cocktails that read, “It is almost completely determined that three west coast wives will be out next season. Lip Licker, Little Miss Own It, and the criminal.” Fans quickly surmised that the trio was Diana, Lisa, and Erika. Reddit users were happy to hear the news and one wrote, “God I hope so. I heard this on up and Adam podcast yesterday. I hope it’s true.” Another responded, “I’d like to think they were all summoned and fired by bravo at once, and that’s why they all went to Hawaii together - ex wives club 2.”

Our dreams may be coming true - Diana , Rinna and Erika are out! from RHOBH

A RHOBH fan revealed that Lisa had a “four year contract,” which was the reason she was on the show for so long. One fan wrote, “Access to Harry Hamlin was probably part of that deal. He seems to be in a lot more episodes lately.” Some shared that they want Kyle Richards off the show as well. The RHOBH OG has been accused of stirring the pot and creating drama between her cast mates while trying to keep her hands clean. One Reddit user wrote, “I’m not ready for Kyle to leave yet. She needs a proper take down. She’s done so much damage and manipulation behind the scenes. It wouldn’t be right for her to walk away clean.”

If the rumors are true, it would confirm that no housewife is safe from being fired. Although Lisa, Erika, and Diana have gotten a bad rap, they still bring the drama to RHOBH. Fans have been loving Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais this season. Crystal Kung Minkoff, who had gotten a lukewarm reaction during her debut in season 11, has warmed over RHOBH fans. Garcelle’s friend Sheree Zampino has also received rave reviews, and she may come on season 13 as a full cast member. Fans believe The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is ready for a shakeup and perhaps Bravo is listening to its viewers.

Source: u/Inevitable_Pack6694/Reddit