RHOBH: What Is Kathy Hilton’s Baked Potato & Caviar Dish?

Kathy Hilton recently invited her sister and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards over for lunch in a recent episode, and fans were curious about the baked potato and caviar meal she served. Events at Kathy’s house are always awe-inspiring as she is one of the wealthiest “friends of” on RHOBH. Her Christmas decorations are always over the top, and this season, Kyle couldn’t help but gasp at the number of trees she had for each of her many rooms.

Last season, Kathy hosted what became known as the “RHOBH dinner party from hell part 2,” but she remained composed even as Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke went at it. Their fight didn’t stop the other castmates from indulging in the rack of lamb and caviar pie. Kathy and Kyle seem to share a love of caviar, as it frequently makes an appearance at their parties. During RHOBH season 11, Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, indulged in the expensive cured fish eggs during their 25th-anniversary dinner, along with stone crab and pasta.


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In the most recent episode of RHOBH, Kyle went over to Kathy’s house for lunch during the holidays. The wife of Richard Hilton led Kyle out to the backyard, where she had a table decked out with Christmas table decor. Kathy’s housekeeper, Paola, came out to serve lunch, which was a plain baked potato on a plate. Kathy proceeded to break her potato in half and then scoop a spoonful of caviar and sour cream onto it. Kyle couldn’t help looking confused as she asked Kathy, “Is this the appetizer or the entree?” Kathy, who was feuding with Kyle, explained that she was trying to recreate the dish from Caviar Kaspia in Paris.

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Caviar Kaspia is a well-known Parisian restaurant famous for its twice-baked potato topped with beluga caviar and served with a side of butter and sour cream (via Caviar Kaspia Menu). The texture of the potato is described as light and cloud-like and starts from $30 for the salmon roe accompaniment. The white sturgeon costs $90, while the Beluga caviar is over $370. While many RHOBH fans would never dream of spending so much on a potato, Kathy is obviously used to the finer things in life and doesn’t think twice about spending hundreds on a simple lunch with her sister.

Most RHOBH stars serve charcuterie or tea sandwiches for a luncheon, but Kathy, who may be the season 12 villain, surprised Kyle with her baked potato and caviar meal. Although Kyle was taken aback, she has never turned down caviar and indulged in the starchy lunch with her sister. While it may have been a strange meal to many viewers of RHOBH, it certainly is common among wealthy gastronomers.