RHONJ: Every Comparison Fans Made With Teresa Giudice's Wedding Dress

Over the weekend, Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey got hitched to her dream boy, Luis Ruelas. The wedding was a long time coming, with fans waiting for the summer weekend to come. However, followers were left feeling like they may have attended My Big Fat Jersey Wedding instead of a formal affair.

Teresa never had an easy love life, especially while married to Joe Giudice. The duo was married for over 20 years, but after cheating allegations, lies, jail time, and deportation, Teresa had enough and filed for a divorce. Teresa always came across as a doting wife and mother who wanted nothing but the best for her family. She always carried around the old-school Italian mentality that family is everything, and you never betray your blood. While that sentiment hasn't exactly worked out for her, she found her happily ever after with Luis.


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Teresa and Luis married in a lavish ceremony on August 6th. The couple chose Park Château Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey, as it sat on 15 acres. RHONJ fans expected nothing but the best from Teresa but were thoroughly disappointed with her dress choices and hairstyle. Instead of looking glamorous, she looked like a winter ice queen, quite fitting for how some of her family thinks of her.

Teresa vs. Marge Simpson

@sowhat_whocares from Twitter shared a funny meme of Marge Simpson on her wedding day, comparing her to Teresa. RHONJ followers couldn't help but feel that Teresa looked like the spitting image of the FOX cartoon. Both seemed to have a similar veil and grimace on their face as they walked toward their respective husbands.

Teresa As A Gypsy

It didn't go noticed that the moment Teresa's wedding photos surfaced, she looked like the splitting image of every bride that appeared on the former TLC series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. @SNM889 from Twitter shared a photo of Nelly, a former character on the show, and the two reality stars looked like twins, including the style of their wedding gowns. Between Teresa's big hair, big dress, and bedazzled everything, it wasn't hard to understand why fans would have mistaken her for a gypsy.

Teresa's Big Hair With Lies

Along with Teresa's dress, viewers also made fun of her beehive-like hair. @babygorgeous from Twitter noted that Teresa's "hair grew bigger & bigger with each lie she told." Along with her oversized hair, Teresa wore an ostentatious crown atop her head to solidify that she was, in fact, the queen of New Jersey. Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were not thrilled with Teresa's choice in fashion and can't help but ask themselves, "who told her she looked good?"

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