RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up the Season

The recent season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars has finally crowned its Queen of All Queens. After 12 episodes where no queen was sent home, RuPaul crowned Jinkx Monsoon as the ultimate winner.

Lots of viewers found All Stars 7 to be a refreshing season it featured minimal drama and allowed each queen to show their talents up until the end of the competition. However, All Stars 7 still had plenty of the regular fanfare found in every season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Online, fans have created some of the most hilarious memes about the recently concluded season of All Stars.


The Fight That Was Never Seen On Screen

One of the top reasons why viewers like All Stars 7 compared to its predecessors is its mostly positive judging process. The judges weren't shy to give out positive critiques and praises to the queens, although that might be because each contestant has already proven that they have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

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However, there was a rumor that season 3 winner Raja Gemini actually talked back to judge Michelle Visage in one of the episodes, something that Trinity The Tuck confirmed in her live shows. Sadly, the drama wasn't shown on screen and fans have made memes to persuade producers to release a video of the confrontation.

This Season Was Self-Referential

RuPaul's Drag Race has spawned many memes over the years, one of which is a shot of RuPaul holding opera glasses on the judges' panel. During the last episode of All Stars 7, Monét X Change encouraged the host to recreate her iconic meme.

On Twitter, a fan compared RuPaul's meme to Miranda Cosgrove's updated meme where she's sitting in front of her computer while holding a drink. RuPaul's Drag Race is a reality competition that usually features self-referential humor that the fans will quickly recognize.

Don't Blame It On The Edit

Two winners were crowned during the final episode of the show. Aside from the Queen of All Queens, the bottom four of the season had to lip sync for their lives to acquire the title Queen of She Done Already Had Herses and bring home $50,000.

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For the final two lip sync battles, there was Yvie Oddly vs. Raja for the Queen of She Done Already Had Herses and Monét X Change vs. Jinkx Monsoon for the Queen of All Queens. Seeing as both Yvie and Monét have superior lip sync skills, it was a little confusing that they were beaten during their respective lip syncs. However, RuPaul did say that they considered the queens' performances throughout the season and not just the lip sync.

Jinkx Was Always The Target

The Drag Race season 5 winner Jinkx proved that they're more than just a comedy queen who does campy performances. During All Stars 7, Jinkx won five challenges, although they were only able to get four Legendary Legend Stars as they constantly received the block.

All Stars 7 introduced the block mechanic, where the winner of the lip sync can freely block another contest from receiving a Legendary Legend Star. Because of their skills, Jinkx was always in danger of receiving a platinum plunger, which would block them from advancing in the competition, even if they won the main challenge.


Jaida Essence Hall was a clear frontrunner in the show. In fact, during the 10th episode of the show, the queens discussed that Jaida deserves to be blocked in order to prevent her from advancing to the finale, something that Jaida vehemently tried to defend herself from.

Unfortunately, Jaida tied with Trinity during the final episode of the show. The top three had to decide which one deserves to compete for the title of Queen of All Queens. Sadly, Trinity was chosen. That's why many fans think that just like All Stars 3 frontrunner Shangela, Jaida was robbed.

Why Have A Lip Sync At All?

Not every fan was pleased with the results of this season of All Stars. One of the main complaints for All Stars 7 is that they hyped up the last lip sync battle, only for RuPaul to crown Jinkx, who arguably performed less impressively than her opponent Monét.

However, RuPaul mentioned that she weighed the queens' performances throughout the season, as well as their final lip syncs. That being said, some viewers were still vexed that there was a final lip sync at all, especially since Monét was part of some of the best lip syncs in Drag Race herstory.

RuPaul's Legendary Looks

During the seventh episode of All Stars 7, the queens were tasked with remaking some of the most iconic looks of RuPaul. With a career that spans more than 30 decades, RuPaul has served some memorable and fashionable looks.

However, RuPaul has also been seen in some looks where she doesn't look as polished as she usually is. In a guest appearance for Project Runway, RuPaul looked disheveled and her makeup was not on point. The image became a meme and a viral sensation in itself, and fans pointed out that the competitors of All Stars 7 should have also been given the chance to remake that look.

The First Spoken Word Lip Sync

Over the years, the main stage of RuPaul's Drag Race has been the venus for some of the best lip sync performances in all of television. But in the show's 21 seasons (including All Stars) there hasn't been a spoken word lip sync, which was a common sight across drag queen bars and clubs all over the world.

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That is until All Stars 7, where Jinkx and Monét lip-synced to a scene from the long-running sitcom Designing Women. In a meme on Twitter, fans lauded the decision to include the show's first-ever spoken word lip sync, and some even said that the specific episode was worthy of winning an Emmy.

The Winner Addresses Her Win

Jinkx was a strong contender from the start of the competition. Their comedy skills have allowed them to make the judges and audiences laugh without failure and they also can act, whether it's in improv or scripted performance.

Looking back at some of the campy comedy queen's most insightful quotes, viewers can deduce that Jinkx has what it takes to bring home the crown. On their Twitter account, Jinkx re-enacted the famous "We did it, Joe" meme by United States Vice President Kamala Harris to announce their victory.

The Fans Have Separation Anxiety

In 12 episodes, All Stars 7 brought back some of the most-loved winners in Drag Race history. The show has also allowed winners of earlier seasons such as Raja and Jinkx to introduce themselves to the new fans of the show.

Its refreshing mechanics and fun atmosphere has made it one of the best seasons in Drag Race history. That's why it's only natural for fans to have separation anxiety and feel a little lost now that the show has reached a conclusion. Thankfully, there are international versions of the show that can quench their thirst for Drag Race.

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