Sabretooth is The X-Men's Most Evil Enemy, And It's No Longer Close

The X-Men villain Sabretooth has mainly been associated with Wolverine as opposed to the wider team of militant mutants throughout his comic book career, though after it was revealed that his very essence is enough to corrupt paradise itself, Sabretooth proved that he is the most evil villain the X-Men have ever faced.

Sabretooth made his first appearance in Iron Fist #14 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, but after he proved his villainous chops against Danny Rand, his focus quickly shifted over to Wolverine after it was revealed the two shared a similar history. Both Sabretooth and Wolverine were experimented on by Weapon X and were used as living weapons within the organization. While Wolverine hated his time with Weapon X, Sabretooth loved all of the killing he was allowed to do under its directives, though he was still resentful of the organization’s efforts to control him. After breaking free of Weapon X just as Logan had done, Sabretooth roamed the Earth as a vicious, bloodthirsty animal–a remorseless killer who murdered because he thought it was fun. While Sabretooth’s evil was always apparent, his power level was of little consequence compared to the likes of Magneto, Mr. Sinister, and Apocalypse–though after the mutants began their life on the Island Nation of Krakoa, that idea of Sabretooth was quickly flipped on its head.


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In Sabretooth #5 by Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk, Sabretooth is able to break free from the Krakoan Pit after being locked away on the island for some time. In the prelude to Dawn of X within the pages of House of X/Powers of X, Sabretooth was imprisoned within the heart of Krakoa after he murdered a number of humans while on a mission outside of the island. While Sabretooth was meant to lie in stasis until the end of time as punishment, his consciousness managed to create a hellish world within the very soul of the island itself. Sabretooth became the king of this hell, and he was able to rule over the other mutant prisoners who were sent to the Pit after his own exile. Once he escaped, the hell he created remained and left a permanent stain on the living island–corrupting the mutant paradise forever.

Sabretooth is the most evil villain of the X-Men, and it's not even close.

When Krakoa was formed, mutant heroes and villains alike came together in harmony for the first time in history so they could create their own perfect world for mutantkind. Villains like Apocalypse–who in the parallel timeline of Age of Apocalypse nearly wiped out all of humanity along with any mutants who dared help them–was vehemently on board with Xavier’s vision of mutant peace separate from the rest of humanity, and even the slimy, self-centered villain Mr. Sinister made himself useful in the creation of the nation and as a member of the Quiet Council. Basically, Krakoa brought out the best in every one-time enemy of the X-Men as they all were able to join hands and work together to better the lives of their fellow mutants–everyone except Sabretooth.

Sabretooth has no ideology or long-term schemes like Apocalypse, Magneto, or Sinister, he is a vicious killer who enjoys murder so much that, oftentimes, he just can’t help himself. While Sabretooth has dedicated himself to the mission of burning down Krakoa by attacking the Quiet Council’s reputation–proving that he is, in fact, more than just a mindless brute–he only recently adopted this new trait of enacting slow-burn vengeance against his enemies after serving out his sentence in the Pit. However, during that sentence, his mere existence within Krakoa corrupted the same island that was able to redeem so many other X-Men villains who were way worse than Sabretooth ever was prior to the creation of this mutant nation–proving that Sabretooth is, and always was, the most evil of them all.