She-Hulk: 10 Memes About Madisynn Being The Best New MCU Character

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Disney+ show She-Hulk.

The hilarious Madisynn has become a breakout star and new fan favorite from Disney+’s ongoing series, She-Hulk. The humorous supporting character quickly captured viewers’ hearts because of her unique connection with the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong.

Madisynn has unsurprisingly become the subject of several memes, with a few of them proving exactly why she’s the best new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With only three episodes left of the entertaining show, fans are likely hoping to see more of Madisynn’s misadventures and the development of her relationship with Wong.


Are They Friends?

I’m still confused. from marvelmemes

Madisynn and Wong have one of the funniest character meetings in the MCU, as she unexpectedly arrives in his home in the middle of a quiet night for the Sorcerer Supreme. Since then, they seem to have developed a sort of friendship, even though Wong is hesitant to admit it at first.

A meme captures this amusing dynamic between the two characters, with Wong forced to admit that they are acquaintances to help Jen win the case against Donny Blaze. Their personalities are extremely different, but they mesh together so well.

With 2 Ns And 1 Y

Her gut-busting introduction cemented Madisynn’s place among the most likable characters in She-Hulk. Her now-iconic catchphrase about her name having “2 Ns” and “1 Y” but “it’s not where you think” has inspired a wave of memes on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

One meme places her right in front of Thanos during the climactic battle in Avengers: Endgame. It further hints at the fact that fans would likely want to see her in other MCU projects, as everyone needs a bit of that comic relief that her character provides.

A Perfect Cameo

Madisynn with 2N 1Y from marvelmemes

She-Hulk is a show full of impressive cameos. From Bruce Banner to Wong (and later on, Daredevil), it’s a series that’s not lacking in fascinating characters. Madisynn’s appearance has stolen the hearts of many fans, though, surpassing most of the well-written characters in the series.

A meme captures the general sentiment among fans when it comes to cameos on the show. It seems like as long as Madisynn keeps appearing, more positive feedback from viewers will pour in. It’s a testament to how wildly entertaining Madisynn’s scenes can be.

She Just Ruined It

(She-hulk ep4 spoiler) If Madisynn was an infinity stone from marvelmemes

Nobody ever said that Madisynn is the smartest character, as she tends to have a difficult time controlling what she says, particularly when it comes to spoilers. This is precisely why she manages to ruin The Sopranos for Wong through a major spoiler, which is disappointing for any viewer seeing the classic show for the first time.

The moment makes her more endearing than annoying, though, as her spoiler and Wong’s funny reaction have just fueled more memes that underscore fans’ approval of their relationship. It’s not hard to imagine the pair binge-watching more series offscreen.

Madisynn Supremacy

Madisynn’s role in the show has gained her a lot of fans, with viewers making the most out of the few scenes she’s been part of so far. Her carefree attitude and optimism are contagious, and these don’t waver despite being faced with multiversal travel or a pact from a literal demon.

A meme sums up viewers’ feelings about the breakout star who is now instantly recognizable to MCU fans, even those who haven’t seen the show. This isn’t likely to change anytime soon and audiences can only hope to see more of Madisynn before the series ends.

What Fans Want

It’s not Wong. from marvelmemes

There are numerous theories and discussions about how the MCU is setting up the Thunderbolts, which is set to become the next big group in the franchise. A telling meme points out how fans also want more of the well-written and humorous side characters and minor storylines, though, which include Madisynn.

While it’s great to have a grand narrative with political intrigue and heartbreaking drama, the MCU does an excellent job at balancing it out with its unique brand of humor. Characters like Madisynn are crucial for developing these engrossing stories that may not significantly impact the overall plot, but are still ridiculously amusing.

Weird Couples

My Spoiler free review of She Hulk Episode 4 from marvelmemes

Madisynn and Wong now make up one of the best ships in the MCU, with the love for their relationship spreading throughout the fandom overnight. They’re on par with the support Darcy and Jimmy Woo have gotten, and it’s worth noting that the duo has a quirky dynamic, too.

It would be interesting to see how Marvel develops Madisynn and Wong’s interactions, as a deeper relationship is certainly possible given how fans are reacting positively to the pairing. One thing’s for sure, fans will want to see more of their hilarious antics in other shows and movies in the MCU.

An Hour And A Half

Hopefully we get to see more of our awesome new friend. from shehulk

It’s impressive how Madisynn managed to win fans over with just a small number of lines and a few short scenes. Every single time she’s on the show is guaranteed to make viewers laugh, whether she’s reluctantly on stage for Donny’s tricks or giving her testimony to an impatient courtroom.

A relatable meme uses a popular format to reflect the kind of impact Madisynn tends to have on audiences. Her brief time on the show hasn’t stopped fans from creating all sorts of content to praise and adore her character.

Coming 2024

There’s no denying that Madisynn has left a lasting impression on audiences, with some undoubtedly getting interested in the show after seeing the several memes about her. She’s had such a huge impact that fans are calling for more appearances, not just in the series, but in future movies and shows in the MCU.

A well-made image humorously exaggerates the love fans have for Madisynn, as it parodies movie announcement posters by featuring her name. While she probably won’t be staring in her own blockbuster anytime soon, the way she has been received by fans likely guarantees a spot for her in other projects down the line.

An Iconic Duo

Madisynn & Wong are such a great duo, I need more of them from memes

She-Hulk has definitely explored some amusing friendships, romances, and fortuitous meetings, with the most memorable one surprisingly being Madisynn and Wong’s. Their relationship has become one to root for, as it’s so genuine and pure, not to mention downright hilarious.

A funny meme compares Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner’s familial connection with Madisynn and Wong’s budding romance, with the latter generating more buzz from fans. Their relationship is something viewers want to see over and over again in the MCU, with fans likely hoping that the creators are paying attention to all the love for the adorable duo.

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