She-Hulk Makes A Big Phase 4 Doctor Strange Plot Hole Even Worse

Wong's She-Hulk cameo makes one particular MCU Phase 4 plot hole even more glaring. A brand new She-Hulk trailer dropped as part of Marvel's SDCC 2022 festivities, and if the intention was to draw conversation away from Jennifer Walters' CGI design with an army of blockbuster cameos, mission accomplished. Aside from Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner and Tim Roth's Abomination (both of whom were unveiled previously), She-Hulk's SDCC 2022 trailer introduces the torso of Charlie Cox's Daredevil, as well as Benedict Wong playing the MCU's resident Sorcerer Supreme, Wong.


Rudely arriving via portal bang in the middle of Jennifer's office, Wong mentions answering to a "higher power," but that fails to impress his new lawyer friend, who's more interested in the dark dimension of American law than multiverse matters. Wong - who's rapidly becoming the Multiverse saga's very own Nick Fury - doesn't specify why he's lurking in She-Hulk's place of business, but Emil Blonsky is likely the main topic of discussion. Wong fought Abomination in Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings, and now Jennifer Walters appears to be representing the villain in court. Wong is most likely interjecting out of concern that Blonsky is dangerous, and Jennifer shouldn't trust him.

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Wong's She-Hulk cameo makes perfect sense. He has history with Abomination, and the Sorcerer Supreme probably heard about Jennifer through his over-sized Avenger pal. Nevertheless, Wong's presence in She-Hulk makes his absence elsewhere - specifically Moon Knight - even weirder. Steven Grant and Khonshu rewound the night sky before a mammoth clash between literal gods kicked off - and that's without taking into account the purple magic Arthur Harrow was throwing around. With deities and sorcery abound, Moon Knight was the perfect place for Wong to lend a hand, but Sanctum Sanctorum let the events of Moon Knight slide, making the Sorcerer Supreme seem downright negligent. And yet, strangely, Wong deems the Abomination situation worthy of his attention. As bad as Blonsky may be, ancient Egyptian gods killing innocent people with dark magic is surely the higher priority threat, and the sort of business sorcerers typically get involved with.

Why Didn't Wong Appear In Moon Knight?

Khonshu and Moon Knight turn back the night sky

Behind the scenes, Moon Knight was always intended as a staunchly standalone Marvel series, deliberately avoiding strong ties to the MCU. Several major cameos were even axed during production to maintain Moon Knight's self-contained philosophy (although a sorcerer seemingly wasn't among them). Sanctum Sanctorum's apparent disinterest in Khonshu and Ammit must ultimately be attributed to a suspension of disbelief moment - the "why didn't X show up during Y" question that unavoidably arises in a shared universe as massive as the MCU, where every hero can't be in every project.

Wong's Moon Knight absence is much harder to explain in canon terms. Thor: Ragnarok proved how adept sanctums are at sensing powerful beings who descend upon Earth, so there's no chance they didn't notice Khonshu and Ammit's antics. With Moon Knight and Red Scarab both completely unknown superheroes, Wong also couldn't rely on them like he would Captain Marvel, War Machine or Sam Wilson. Maybe MCU viewers are better off assuming that with so much multiverse madness occurring in Phase 4 (it's not called the "Multiverse saga" for nothing), Wong and Strange were otherwise occupied while Marc, Steven and Layla saved the world. Spider-Man: No Way Home proved how stretched the Sanctums have become since Thanos' defeat; Moon Knight might be one of those rare disasters that slipped through their net.

Whatever excuse Wong chooses, She-Hulk's cameo does him no favors. Making time to discuss Abomination with Jennifer Walters suggests Wong is prioritizing personal grudges over threats that could affect Earth-616 on a global scale. Steven Strange at least has an excuse - doctors are always hard to get appointments with - but as the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong might want to pay a little more attention to Disney+ from now on.