Shonen Jump's New Manga Shows Star Wars How to Improve Lightsabers

Warning! Spoilers for Aliens Area chapter 6 ahead!

While many people would naturally say that the lightsabers from Star Wars coolest weapons in sci-fi, Shonen Jump's newest manga Aliens Area has found a way to improve them. There are many good reasons why lightsabers are so iconic: they're simple and straightforward, incredibly powerful, and personalized to their users. And while they seem like the ideal weapon, this manga shows there are ways to make them even better.

Aliens Area by Fusai Naba tells the tale of Tatsumi Tatsunami and Hajime Sharaku, two members of Foreign Affairs 5, a secret government department that deals solely with extraterrestrial activity in Japan. It's pretty much Shonen Jump's version of Men in Black. When Tatsumi and Sharaku investigate a sighting at a warehouse, they stumble upon an alien princess and her butler, who explains to them that they are fleeing from a war on their home planet, and that an assassin is after them. Taking that as a cue, the assassin reveals himself.


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Like any good assassin should be, this one is quick and powerful. Chapter 6 of Aliens Area sees him wielding a weapon very similar to the lightsabers used by the Jedi and the Sith. However, the assassin's blade is longer, wider, and faster than the standard light sword. Its activation time is so fast the assassin flicks it on and off to confuse his opponent (Sharaku, in this case), and when he goes for a killing blow, the blade reaches and expands further and wider than any lightsaber could, burning through multiple layers of wall. This weapon is even more powerful than Naruto's version of a lightsaber, which draws its power from the user rather than a crystal like the lightsabers in Star Wars.

Aliens Area assassin using his lightsaber

The thing that really sets apart Aliens Area's lightsaber from Star Wars' is the bonus equipment in the form of a tracker. When the assassin gets fed up with Sharaku consistently dodging his attacks, he employs a tracker that automatically swings the blade faster and more accurately than he ever could. This pretty much means that one doesn't even need to be skilled with the weapon; as long as they have the tracker, the blade will do most the work.

These improvements could be easily made to lightsabers to make them far more devastating than they already are, yet for a galaxy adorned with highly advanced technology, a spinning lightsaber blade is the best anyone could come up with. Shonen Jump's new manga, Aliens Area, has an incredibly powerful lightsaber-like weapon, and the denizens of Star Wars would do well to improve theirs like so.