Siesta Key Fans Question Amanda Miller As Juliette Porter's Friend

Amanda Miller has been seen with Juliette Porter's ex-boyfriend Sam Logan and show enemy Jordana Barnes, and Siesta Key fans are questioning her friendship with Juliette. Amanda has certainly not been everyone's favorite cast member on the MTV reality TV show. The star's tell-it-like-it-is personality has gotten her into some trouble on the show and caused her to clash with some cast members. During Siesta Key season 1, Amanda got into a fight with Chloe Trautman over Brandon Gomes, and things got so bad that Chloe ended up with a broken nose. Since then, Amanda made a name for herself on Siesta Key as someone no one wants to mess with.


Despite some of the enemies she's made, Amanda and Juliette have remained close friends. Recently, there seemed to have been some drama between the two and Chloe as they unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, they quickly patched things up and have been seen hanging out together since. During Siesta Key season 4b, Sam started hanging out with Meghan Bischoof immediately after his split from Juliette, which understandably hurt his ex-girlfriend. Amanda was the first of Juliette's friends to go up against Meghan to tell her how disrespectful she thought it was that she was hanging out with Sam so soon after his split.

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While Amanda has had Juliette's back many times in the past, fans are starting to question if she's such a great friend after all. Reddit user Ashamed_Look_7176 mentioned that Amanda's recent social media posts with Sam and Jordana seem to contradict things she's said about them in the past in defense of Juliette. "To [sic] much homie hopping between friends to be considered a real one," the user wrote. The fan explained they wouldn't be surprised if Amanda slept with Sam despite knowing how heartbroken Juliette was after their breakup.

One fan responded, "Agreed! Amanda is officially trash for hanging out with one of her best friend's ex’s! Do you see Juliette doing that to her? Nope it’s just not something a friend does." Amanda recently went through her own breakup with Josh Pelton. The musician quickly started trashing his ex-girlfriend all over his Instagram Story, and Juliette responded to his Story, asking him to stop. Fans pointed out that it was nice of her to have Amanda's back and wish that Amanda could be as loyal to Juliette as her friend is to her.

While most people would hope their best friend doesn't run around Miami with their ex and another cast member they don't get along with, things might operate differently on Siesta Key. As the cast matures and settles into their new life in Miami, a lot has changed, and Amanda may not be doing anything wrong at all. From recent Instagram posts, it seems like Juliette is on much better terms with Sam and Jordana than she was in the past. She also seems to have buried the hatchet with Kelsey Owens, with whom she had a falling-out a few seasons ago. Hopefully, Amanda got Juliette's blessing before hanging out with her Siesta Key co-stars, and everything will be okay between the friends.