Skyrim Fan's Talking Whiterun Guard Plush Lets You Relive The Memes

The infamous Whiterun guard of Skyrim has become immortalized via a fan-made talking plushie, and it is annoyingly adorable. Despite their dull and often unhelpful presence in Bethesda’s smash hit RPG, the town guards are responsible for Skyrim’s most quotable lines, which resulted in a slew of equally memorable memes. While one fan theorized that Skyrim’s guards aren't paid enough to be smart, their inane antics amidst the Dragonborn's epic quest are no less hilarious.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is home to a variety of NPCs. Admittedly, some stand out a little more than others, like the honorable Jarl Balgruuf, the manic Cicero, and, of course, series sage M'aiq the Liar. Yet thanks to the inevitable meme culture that manifests around smash titles like Skyrim, one group of NPCs stands above them all: Skyrim’s town guard. The monotonous yet no less vocal patrolmen of Tamriel’s northern continent will often speak at passerby Dragonborn, spouting several familiar phrases repeatedly in their direction. Since few dialogue changes exist between Skyrim’s nine Holds, these rehashed phrases are all the more memorable, for better or worse. While Skyrim's infamously unstable game can result in some exciting events, like one glitch resulting in a Skyrim guard from Windhelm attaining the power of flight, the soldiers of the North are often prime examples of Skyrim's day-to-day humdrum.

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As recently reported by Game Rant, thanks to the passion of Reddit user Aragog83, a Skyrim guard of the Hold of Whiterun is receiving their own talking plushie. Aragog83 recently shared a detailed video displaying the intricacies of their creation, including high-definition close-ups of the materials and a preview of its many voice clips. “Like many of you in this sub, Skyrim has been a large and very important part of my life since its release,” Aragog83 states, “My love for the game inspired me to immortalise one of my favourite NPCs in plush form.” Aside from the spectacular detail, the main appeal of the plushie is its rechargeable voice box featuring 37 fan-favorite phrases from “No lollygagging” to “A bellyful of mead”, and, of course, the all-time Skyrim guard classic “Arrow to the Knee." According to Aragog83, the plushie stands at an impressive 10.5 inches tall and is hand-sewn using felt, vinyl, jersey, and faux fur for its incredibly detailed outfit and armor. The sole exception is its chainmail, made from miniature chain links. The sword and shield are also magnetically interchangeable, with the shield bearing a beautiful screen-printed Whiterun horse sigil. Unfortunately, Aragog83 will not be replicating this piece for commercial purposes.

Skyrim's Whiterun Guard Comes to Life via a Talking Plushie

I made a talking Whiterun Guard plush (please turn sound on) from skyrim

Aragog83’s adorable plushie is one of several amazing fan works that Skyrim has inspired over the near 11 years of its existence. Artwork, hand-crafted replicas, creative mods, and an overflowing deluge of memes are still continuously shared amongst Skyrim’s ever-passionate community. Not only that, but the community is still discovering things about the game’s lore, such as a dark secret about Rorikstead, an unassuming Skyrim village. Though the inevitable Elder Scrolls VI will no doubt be exciting for fans, it's unlikely Skyrim's impact will ever be forgotten.

While this Whiterun Guard plushie is currently one of a kind, perhaps its novelty will entice Bethesda to endorse an official line for purchase. While not the most exciting NPCs, the Skyrim guards are still remembered fondly amongst the fanbase, who probably wouldn't mind shelling out a Septim or two for an official plushie - even if they're always talking.

Source:Aragog83/Reddit (via Game Rant)