Skyrim Player Almost Crashes Xbox Series X By Littering Whiterun

A Dragonborn litterbug nearly crashed their Xbox Series X by leaving a massive pile of items outside Breezehome in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Despite launching way back in 2011 the Bethesda Game Studios open-world RPG remains extremely popular thanks to its world design and character progression system. The title's dated Creation Engine can lead to many glitches in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, though, as recently demonstrated by one particularly filthy adventurer.

While Skyrim is still considered one of the greatest video games of all time, the fantasy epic's Creation Engine has many notorious quirks and technical issues. Physics objects are infamously unpredictable, with players often soaring high into the atmosphere after being struck by a Giant or other sufficiently strong opponent. Shortly after launch players also discovered that they could easily rob stores by simply placing a basket over the shopkeeper's head to avoid detection. Even more unusual Skyrim glitches exist that threaten to ruin a player's immersion as they journey across the fifth Elder Scrolls entry, with a strange blood fountain bug in Windstad Manor spraying gore around the customizable home.


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Reddit user RicoculusPrime recently shared a video of Skyrim nearly crashing their Xbox Series X due to mountains of trash left laying around Whiterun. RicoculusPrime explains that they dumped all of their extra gear outside the Whiterun house Breezehome, which eventually added up into a massive pile of garbage. Rendering all of these individual physics objects clearly puts a strain on the Creation Engine, since the video looks like Skyrim has transformed into a slideshow. This seems to be close to the maximum number of items the game can render, since RicoculusPrime reveals that dumping another load of gear caused the game to lock up completely.

A Pile of Physics Objects Can Crush Skyrim's Performance

While there are many homes available for purchase in Skyrim, players seem to prefer abusing Breezehome in Whiterun by collecting cheese and doing other weird activities. Just as RicoculusPrime dropped piles and piles of unused gear outside of the mountaintop house, one player strangely decided to fill Breezehome with an enormous number of cheese wheels. This massive amount of cheese also threatened to break the player's computer, though their dedication to dairy is definitely admirable. Among Skyrim's multitude of different houses Breezehome may be the most popular site for antics due to its availability early in the game and the iconic nature of Whiterun itself.

Skyrim is a truly epic fantasy RPG experience, but its Creation Engine can frequently lead to bizarre and immersion-breaking moments. RicoculusPrime has experienced this first-hand, with their excessive littering outside Breezehome nearly causing their Xbox Series X to crash entirely. Skyrim players often struggle to find a place to keep their stuff, but piling it up in the streets of Whiterun can have dire consequences.