Square Enix Confirms Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion Will Have New Dialogue

The upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will feature additional dialogue alongside updated graphics and a revamped soundtrack. A prequel to the classic 1997 JRPG Final Fantasy VII, the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2008, telling the story of aspiring hero Zack Fair as he battles against a renegade SOLIDER named Genesis and finds himself caught in the dark secrets surrounding the ShinRa Electric Power Company. Last month, Square Enix caught fans by surprise, announcing a remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will launch on PC and consoles later this year as part of an ongoing stream of Final Fantasy VII-related projects.


Aside from the expected graphical overhaul and revamped controls, Square Enix has promised Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will change and update many aspects of the original game. The most prominent of these changes is Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion’s new menu-based battle system, which will replace the cumbersome single-joystick layout that plagued the old Crisis Core on the PSP. Additionally, original Crisis Core composer Takeharu Ishimoto is returning to arrange some brand-new music tracks for Reunion, and several lines of dialogue that were only text in the old game will now be fully voiced.

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These updates may also include new lines of dialogue that weren’t in the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, at least according to a passage on Square Enix’s official Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion webpage. In addition to describing Crisis Core’s world, story, and characters in preparation for Reunion’s supposed release in late 2022, the site lists Reunion’s graphical and audio enhancements - with “additional dialogue” being mentioned alongside the aforementioned visual updates and new music.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Could Tie In To FF7 Remake

Crisis Core Angeal Sephiroth Genesis

It remains unknown exactly what this new dialogue will entail, but the new lines could be meant to link Reunion to the ongoing Final Fantasy VII Remake series. The original Crisis Core was a part of the old Compilation Of Final Fantasy VII, an expanded universe of games, novels, and even the 2005 animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that built on the lore of the original Final Fantasy VII. 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake served as a full reboot of this continuity, building off the events of the original Final Fantasy VII and ending with a major plot twist that suggests the connected FFVII games that came before may no longer be canon. It has even been speculated Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion could tie into next year’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth due to certain characters likely being at the forefront of both games’ stories.

Meanwhile, the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was already rich in lore and dialogue, as players could gain insight and tidbits into the inner workings of SOLIDER and the origins of Sephiroth through spoken lines and text-based email messages. The upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will likely add to the deep mythos with its new dialogue, though players won’t know what’s been expanded until the highly-anticipated remake launches across all major platforms later this year.