Star Wars Revelations To Reveal The Galaxy's Future

A new announcement from Star Wars and Marvel has revealed Star Wars: Revelations, a new one-shot that will offer glimpses into the galaxy's future. While the majority of Marvel’s Star Wars titles currently take place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this new comic will offer a preview of what lies ahead for 2023 and beyond in the galaxy far, far away. Starring Darth Vader and a fateful return to his world of Mustafar, the Dark Lord of the Sith will be given key insights from one of the galaxy’s most mysterious beings.


As seen in Marvel’s primary Star Wars series from Charles Soule and Ramon Rosanas, the Rebellion has been recovering from the Battle of Hoth, their fleet having been scattered across the galaxy thanks to the Empire’s relentless pursuit. The galaxy has also seen the rebirth of the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn. Led by Lady Qi’ra who took the mantle of leadership from the late Darth Maul, the new Dawn has been seeking to end the Sith Lords in control of the Empire once and for all. Likewise, series such as Doctor Aphra and Bounty Hunters are set during this same period as well, the main outliers being Han Solo & Chewbacca which takes place after Solo: A Star Wars Story and A New Hope, as well as any of Marvel’s High Republic comics which take place hundreds of years before the events of the Skywalker saga.

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Now, it’s been revealed by that Marvel will be publishing a new Star Wars one-shot entitled Revelations. Coming from writer Marc Guggenheim and an all-star group of artists such as Salvador Larroca, Paco Medina, and more, Revelations promises to offer a look at what's next for 2023. Featuring Darth Vader’s return to Mustafar and reunion with the creature known as the Eye of Webbish Bog, it seems as though the mysterious Force being will reveal secrets of what’s to come. Here’s the new cover art for the Star Wars one-shot by artist Phil Noto:

Star Wars Revelations Cover 2022

It seems this issue will be carrying some similarities to Timeless #1, a one-shot starring Kang the Conqueror at the end of 2021 which teased critical elements about the Marvel Universe’s future in 2022. As such, fans should likely expect several teases about what they can expect for each of Star Wars’ core series taking place in this original trilogy era. However, Guggenheim was clear in the announcement that this issue will be more than just a simple preview:

"Well, The Eye is going to show Vader all of the above (past, present, future), including moments that will be coming into play in 2023 all across the Star Wars line. It’s our clever way of giving readers a preview of what everyone has up their sleeves for next year, but this isn’t a 40-page movie trailer. It’s a real Star Wars story with Vader at the center."

This upcoming one-shot won't be the first time Darth Vader and the Eye of Webbish Bog have met either. Past issues of Darth Vader from Greg Pak and Rafaele Ienco saw the Eye guiding the Dark Lord to the Wayfinder which led him to Palpatine's secret world of Exegol, just as the Eye was meant to do for Kylo Ren in Rise of Skywalker had the scene not been deleted. As such, it will certainly be exciting to see what future secrets Darth Vader (and Star Wars fans) will learn when the issue releases this November.