Star Wars Teases Han Solo's REAL Connection To The Millennium Falcon

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Han Solo & Chewbacca #3

In the latest issue of Star Wars' new Han Solo & Chewbacca comic, it's suggested that the infamous smuggler was connected to the Millennium Falcon long before he won it in a game of cards from Lando Calrissian. Embarking on a new job for Jabba the Hutt following the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Han Solo returns to Corellia where he meets a rather unexpected person from his past. As such, new details about his iconic ship have come to light.

Previously in Han Solo & Chewbacca from Marc Guggenheim and David Messina, Jabba paired Han and Chewie with Greedo to go after an urn containing the ashes of one of his rivals. Located on Han's home planet of Corellia, Solo surprisingly reunites with Ovan, his estranged father whom he hadn't seen since he was left on his own, being forced to become a scavenger for the White Worms. Wanting to reconcile with his son, Ovan has joined Han on his new job.


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Upon learning that the urn has been taken off-world in Han Solo & Chewbacca #3, Solo and his first mate bring Ovan aboard the Millennium Falcon to go after it (and intentionally leaving Greedo behind). Having been a shipbuilder on Corellia for the majority of his life, Han's father is rather impressed with his son's YT-1300. However, he also teases a surprising link between the ship and his own past that would essentially make Han destined to one day fly the Falcon as its captain.


The idea that Ovan potentially helped build The Millennium Falcon is a pretty cool link, especially when combined with the previous reveal that Han Solo's lucky gold dice were also gifts from his father. Despite his claims that he's never been one for sentiment, Han sure does have some significant connections to his past. However, it's likely that the other foot will soon drop seeing as how Solo's father hasn't been seen anywhere in the Star Wars canon outside of this current series. Something will likely drive them apart by the series' end.

Regardless, this new revelation that the Millennium Falcon is likely part of Han's family legacy is a dynamic prospect. It further adds to the already large significance of Han Solo's ship beyond the idea that it's his and Chewie's home as they travel the stars looking for their next adventure. As such, it will be exciting to see if Ovan's role in the Falcon's creation will be confirmed as the Star Wars series continues along with any other possible reveals (like Han Solo's real last name).