Stargirl Season 3 Extended Trailer Reveals Returning DC Villains

The extended trailer for Stargirl season 3 previews several returning DC Comics villains, Starman's mentorship, and the rise of a new foe in the upcoming season. While the Arrowverse has had a shake-up this year, the fall season won't be DC TV-less. Initially launched as a DC Universe original, Stargirl became one of The CW's popular DC TV shows in season 1, before becoming an exclusive CW show in season 2 and beyond. Stargirl follows Courtney Whitmore, who becomes the titular heroine after discovering the great legacy of the Justice Society of America. While embarking on her own heroic journey, Courtney also revives the Golden Age team with the next generation of superheroes.


While not a traditional Arrowverse spinoff, Stargirl is adjacent to the franchise. Crisis on Infinite Earths established that Stargirl exists on a revamped version of Earth-2, which used to be the home of The Flash's Jesse Quick, Harry Wells, and Arrow's Black Siren. Stargirl season 2 also began to build its bridge to the overall Arrowverse when The Flash's John Wesley Shipp appeared as Jay Garrick, the same iteration he has played for years. Following the big battle against Eclipso in season 2, Stargirl season 3 is set to focus on Courtney and the team's third year as superheroes while dealing with new and familiar threats.

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With Stargirl season 3 set to premiere in over a month, The CW (via TV Promos) has released an extended trailer featuring what is in store for the show's return. The trailer highlights Joel McHale's Starman beginning to train Courtney, as the original owner of the Cosmic Staff. With Stargirl season 3 being subtitled Frenemies, the footage also previews the return of the entire Crocks family, including Artemis, Tigress, and Sportsmaster. Last, but certainly not least, the Stargirl season 3 preview also includes Cameron Mahkent's ice-powers finally manifesting in bigger ways than before. Check out the extended Stargirl season 3 trailer below.

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Since Stargirl season 1, The CW drama has slowly been building up to Cameron's potential villainous turn. In the comics, Cameron is known as the second Icicle, following in his father's footsteps. The Stargirl iteration of Joar - re-named Jordan in the show - was reimagined as having powers that Cameron has now inherited, as shown throughout Stargirl season 2. However, while his powers have slowly begun to emerge, Stargirl has been toying around with the idea of a romance between Cameron and Courtney. The trailer for Stargirl season 3 makes it clear that they are about to get a lot closer, with a kiss being previewed.

While Stargirl season 3 has a lot of returning villains, including The Gambler, there have still not been any further looks at their new one. At the end of Stargirl season 2, the show introduced Mister Bones, seemingly as the next big bad, as he is setting his eyes on the heroes in Blue Valley. While a new season is coming, it is unclear if Stargirl season 4 is a lock, given how many Arrowverse cancelations happened by The CW this year. Even though several shows got axed, there have been no indicator that Stargirl season 3 is being eyed as the show's final one.

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Stargirl season 3 premieres on Wednesday, August 31 on The CW.

Source: TV Promos

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