Stephen King Pitches a Children of the Corn & Predator Crossover Movie

Stephen King thinks the Children of the Corn franchise should crossover with Predator. 1984's Children of the Corn is one of many adaptations based on King's books and short stories and starred John Franklin as Isaac and Terminator's Linda Hamilton as Vicky. Despite the first movie's intriguing storyline, it failed to connect with audiences and critics. Even though Children of the Corn received an overwhelmingly negative response, a sequel was produced in the early '90s, followed by several critically panned direct-to-video movies.


Predator is another horror franchise from the '80s that just won't seem to die. Arnold Schwarzenegger's original 1987 Predator, directed by John McTiernan, received rave reviews upon release and was even nominated for an Oscar, yet 20th Century Fox had trouble matching that initial success with all of their sequels. Predator 2, the Alien vs. Predator crossovers, Predators, and The Predator all received mixed to negative reviews. However, director Dan Trachtenberg was able to change that pattern with the recently released prequel, Prey.

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Prey has caught the attention of viewers and prominent people in the entertainment industry, and even King is talking about the franchise. King recently tweeted his idea for the next sequel to both franchises: Children of the Corn vs. Predator. King's original tweet featuring his humorous idea can be read below:

The fate of the Predator franchise was very much up in the air when the 2018 sequel again failed to impress and after Disney gained the rights to the franchise. Thankfully Hulu's Prey has been getting rave reviews which means audiences likely haven't seen the last of the Yautja. Prey 2 has yet to be confirmed, but with the latest film taking place 300 years in the past, there are plenty of ways the series can continue now that Trachtenberg has helped re-spark interest in the franchise. That being said, a Children of the Corn crossover won't be the answer.

King was more than likely joking in his tweet, especially since a crossover between Children of the Corn and Predator doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Comicbooks have featured bizarre Predator crossovers with characters like Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd, Tarzan, and even Archie, yet it seems incredibly unlikely anything like that would ever make it to the big screen. Prey 2 or another Predator movie seems likely, and the Children of the Corn reboot is expected to release this year, but audiences shouldn't hold their breath for King's intriguing idea.

Source: Stephen King