Stranger Things Season 4 Subtitles Team React to Scene Descriptor Memes

The Stranger Things season 4 subtitle team has shared their reaction to the hilarious memes fans have been making about some of the show's most memorable scene descriptions. During a decidedly turbulent time for Netflix, the return of the sci-fi horror series has definitely been a huge success for the streaming service, with Stranger Things season 4 becoming Netflix’s most-watched English language series of all time. Season 4 also proved to be more epic, ambitious, and terrifying than ever before, and audiences once again found themselves totally immersed in the small town of Hawkins and its dark secrets.


The success of Stranger Things season 4 has inevitably generated some very popular memes, including Vecna enjoying a Starbucks in his downtime and the huge resurgence of Kate Bush’s "Running Up That Hill" as fans speculate about which song would save them from Vecna’s curse. However, one of the stand-out memes has been the amazingly visceral screen descriptors that can be viewed when watching Stranger Things with subtitles on. Descriptors like “squelching wetly”, “eldritch gurgling” and “tentacles undulating moistly” have quickly become fan-favorites, with some also loving the subtle distinctions between ominous synth music, tender synth music, and emotional synth music.

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Now, the Stranger Things subtitle team has spoken about their evocative choices and shared their reaction to all of the memes. In an interview with Vulture, subtitle quality assurance editor Karli Witkowska said that the way that moist subtitles have become a staple of Stranger Things is “exceptional news” and that the response has been “unbelievable.” Read her full response below:

“It’s exceptional news for us. Subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is first and foremost an accessibility feature. That’s why it’s there, but to see it be opened to a new audience is unbelievable. In my entire career, I’ve never seen anything be so well received.”

Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, and Noah Schnapp in Stranger Things season 4 looking up at the sky

Stranger Things subtitle author Jeff T. added that he loves the memes: “everyone loves a meme! I have so many of them saved. I love “[Eleven pants]”. Clearly, the team wants everyone to be as immersed in the Upside Down as much as possible, and making the creepy atmosphere of Stranger Things more accessible to those who need subtitles is absolutely something to celebrate. However, as Witkowska says, it’s also fantastic that it’s made so many people more aware of the subtle art of subtitle authoring, too.

It is slightly unfortunate that so many of Stranger Things’ subtitles have to be so wet, but it’s great that there’s been such a warm response to something others might just see as a basic accessibility aid. Hopefully, this will get more shows considering their own use of subtitles in the future. Stranger Things season 4 has definitely made a lasting impact across the board, but no one’s going to forget the phrase “eldritch gurgling” any time soon.