Stray: 10 Hardest To Find Memories (& Where To Find Them)

Ever since Stray lept onto players' consoles on July 19th of this year, fans have been enamored with the game's ferocious feline and its robotic counterpart, B-12. With a post-apocalyptic setting and a main character that capitalizes on gamers' glamourization of grimalkins, Stray appears to have all the makings of an internet classic.

While cat enthusiasts may walk away from their experience with a litany of memories, this, unfortunately, is not the case for the aforementioned B-12. Suffering from a mysterious case of memory loss, it is up to players to traverse the robot-ridden landscape in an effort to help their computerized companion recover all of his lost memories. Of course, in true video game fashion, finding all of these collectibles is much easier said than done.


10 The Slums Memory #4

Momo's apartment in Stray.

Hidden just behind Momo in his apartment during his introduction, this memory is as easy to find as it is to miss. Players who are compelled to complete the game as quickly as possible may overlook this memory should they feel more inclined to keep things moving rather than slowing down for a moment.

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Simply take a peek behind Momo after finishing his cut-scene and dialogue, and players will find the video game poster on the wall in one of his rooms. Interact with it to help B-12 obtain his fourth memory of the chapter.

9 The Slums Memory #3

Seamus' bar in Stray.

Standing in as the third memory of the chapter, this serving of robotic ramen is not as obvious as the aforementioned collectible. After assisting Momo with the transceiver and helping him to establish contact with the Outsiders, players will find themselves another opportunity to roam around freely before choosing to continue with the game's main story. Before leaving the bar in an attempt to gain Seamus' assistance, be sure to look around a bit.

Next to the desk where Momo is stationed is a set of stairs. Simply follow these stairs up to the second story of the bar and into the lounge area. After leaping up onto the table and knocking a few things off of it in true cat-like fashion, players will find a bowl of mysterious chow. Interact with this symbiotic soup to help B-12 acquire another lost memory.

8 The Slums Memory #2

Stray Every Barter Item Location In The Slums Azooz Location

Whether players are experiencing Stray on PC or on Playstation, the hunt for memories will surely bedevil them. While the memory itself may be easier to locate, acquiring it is not as simple. Azooz, the merchant, is selling a mystery item that requires three energy drink cans to purchase. The locations of said cans are scattered around the area, requiring players to do a bit more searching after having located Azooz.

With a total of four locations within the slums, it is up to the player to dictate the order in which they choose to acquire the cans. The first of the four can be found down a dark alleyway, the very one that appears to open up after the guardian robot signals to the others that the area is clear during one of the earlier parts of the main story. The second one can be found across from the steps near the guardian. Locate the robot in the alleyway and go to its end in order to secure a second can. The third can is positioned closely to Momo's apartment. Find the outsider's sign on the nearby rooftops, and the vending machine will be just below it. Lastly, the fourth can be found just below the aforementioned one. Simply use the piece of plywood with paint on it to jump down from there to get eyes on the final vending machine.

7 The Sewers Memory #1

The cat in the sewers in Stray.

After Momo leaves you to deal with another set of Zorks after opening the doorway, players will notice an entire pathway that has been infected by the rather intimidating insects. With the assistance of B-12 and the newly acquired torch ability, players will be able to exterminate this nest of creatures. However, before moving on to dispatch the next batch, take a peek around the lefthand side of the corridor to reveal a pipe way.

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At the end of the hidden pathway is an opening. Serving as one of the more cleverly hidden pathways in the game, this pipe leads straight into an eery opening that features a railing on the other side of it. Simply leap up onto the railing and interact with it to acquire B-12's memory.

6 The Sewers Memory #2

The caT in the sewers in Stray.

After securing the first memory within the sewers and progressing past another Zork-infested room, players will find themselves leaping onto a large pipe to evade danger. While it is easy to follow along this pipe in order to continue progressing through the story, it is also detrimental to those who may be memory hunting. Look to turn around completely here and go the opposite way in order to find the next hidden path.

After leaping onto a smaller pipe that runs along the wall in the corner of the room, jump onto a series of barrels before climbing into the previously hidden opening in the wall. After being greeted by the mysterious and menacing glares of the giant alien eyeballs, brave forward to the edge of the floor opening to interact with and secure the chapter's final memory.

5 Dead End Memory #2

the cat in a dock in Stray.

The revelation that comes with discovering this next collectible is as stunning as the PS5's 2022 release lineup. Perhaps one of the most well-hidden memories in the entire game, this one requires players to channel the curiosity of a cat. After a huge fall, gamers will find the tenacious kitty scaling a pair of pipes before landing back safely on the ground. Ignoring the main path leading towards the left, there will be an alleyway with a fence residing at the end of it.

Cleverly hidden behind the pathways brush is an opening in the bottom right-hand corner of the fence. Use this opening to reveal a secret dock on which a deceased robot resides. Approach the formerly sentient being to obtain the second memory of the chapter.

4 Midtown Memory #3

Stray Every Badge Location & What They Do Midtown Safe

Midtown is the largest and subsequently hardest area of the game when it comes to locating B-12's memories. Not many, if any, of these memories are easy to find; however, this one still stands out as being the most simple to locate. Once players have arrived in the mechanical marketplace, look for the sweeping robot with a comically placed traffic cone.

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From here, players should make their way toward the dumpster which resides in the alleyway. After scaling a series of airconditioning units, they can find a veranda-like area with a luminescent tree poking out from behind a wall. Resting in a well-cushioned area will be the third memory of the area.

3 Midtown Memory #4

A city with neon signs in Stray.

Sticking with Midtown's theme of well-hidden memory spots, the fourth one proves to be one that is only readily apparent to those with an observant eye. Players should make their way to the main shop just to the right of the city's main pathway and turning point prior to being able to enter it. Once inside, it may appear as if nothing out of the ordinary is actually there.

After entering through a window, notice the ladder resting inside. Just above it is an incredibly narrow attic space. Climb up inside, and you will be able to secure this incredibly concealed memory.

2 Midtown Memory #5

The cat in an attic in Stray.

Memory #4 isn't the only one that's tucked away in a forgotten ceiling somewhere in Midtown. Upon exiting the shop where the fourth memory is located, players will be able to spot a nearby cafe. Enter and prepare to discover yet another impossible-to-find memory.

Once inside, players will have the option to leap up onto the counter. After taking the time to appreciate the idea of a cybernetic cat cafe, there will be an option to enter a small crack in the ceiling when positioned correctly. Make the leap, and therein lies the fifth memory of the chapter, ready to be scanned and collected by B-12.

1 Midtown Memory #7

A nightclub's bar in Stray.

Closing out the collectibles lists for one of the PS5's most anticipated releases of the year is Midtown's most guarded B-12 memory. Arguably the most obscure collectible in the game, this one resides within the depths of a robotic nightclub.

After accessing the club by progressing through the story a bit, players will be able to locate the bar on the inside. Once there, simply leap over the counter and position the fur baby squarely in the middle of the modern-day dumbwaiter that resides behind the bar. Once it has carried players into the depths of the club, they will be able to successfully secure the most well-disguised memory in the game.