Strong Evidence She-Hulk's Twist Will Reveal Captain America 4's Villain

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 6 has provided a lot of evidence hinting toward the main villain confirmed for Captain America: New World Order being introduced in the remaining three episodes. While some of this evidence was introduced as early as She-Hulk episode 3, episode 6 went even further in all but confirming the future appearance of a certain character not seen in the MCU since 2008. This character was recently confirmed to be playing the villain in Captain America: New World Order, opposite Anthony Mackie's Captain America.


In She-Hulk episode 3, Jennifer is shown to be walking home at night after work when she is attacked by four men wielding Asgardian weaponry. After being defeated, She-Hulk's MCU version of the Wrecking Crew flees the scene. When escaping in a van, one man reveals a syringe with which he unsuccessfully attempted to gain a sample of She-Hulk's blood. After revealing his failed attempt, another member of the Wrecking Crew states that "the boss is gonna be mad."

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Since then, neither the Wrecking Crew nor their mysterious boss were mentioned in She-Hulk again until the events of episode 6. Episode 6 featured Jen going to a wedding while Nikki and Mallory worked on regular superhuman law cases. While working, Mallory and Nikki come across a website dedicated to hating She-Hulk named Intelligencia towards the end of She-Hulk episode 6. The website has accumulated a wide following filled with people trying to figure out how to kill Jen/She-Hulk. It is in the Intelligencia organization, revealed to be the masterminds behind the Wrecking Crew attack, that the evidence towards introducing Sam Wilson's future villain in She-Hulk is found.

Why The Leader Is She-Hulk's Most Likely Villain Reveal

The Leader She-Hulk

The villain hinted at in She-Hulk episode 6 is none other than The Leader/Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson, not seen in the MCU since his very first appearance in 2008's The Incredible Hulk. One of the reasons why it makes sense for The Leader to be introduced in She-Hulk is the fact that he is already confirmed to be part of the cast of Captain America: New World Order. The MCU is definitely no stranger to introducing villains in smaller roles before their actual movie, as with Loki, Thanos, and Bucky Barnes to name a few. Reintroducing The Leader here would certainly set him up for an appearance in Captain America 4, all while tying She-Hulk more strongly into the wider MCU.

She-Hulk being the project to bring Samuel Sterns back makes even more sense because it is the first MCU project to address The Incredible Hulk overtly. Bruce Banner's first outing in the MCU went largely ignored by the wider MCU up to this point mainly due to Bruce's recasting. However, She-Hulk has made several steps in reintegrating The Incredible Hulk's storylines back into the MCU through Emil Blonsky/Abomination's inclusion and his feud with Banner. The Leader being revealed to be the character in the She-Hulk episode 6 ending would simply be the next in a long line of references the show has made to The Incredible Hulk.

All of this when paired with the reasoning behind the teases so far, the Wrecking Crew and Intelligencia's motives, make The Leader She-Hulk's most likely villain. The fact that Intelligencia is hell-bent on obtaining She-Hulk's blood makes The Leader a perfect villain. As last seen in The Incredible Hulk, Sterns was incredibly curious about Banner's power and wanted to further research it. A logical continuation of that would be Stern wanting She-Hulk's blood to continue his research, especially if he is now much more malevolent as The Leader. Given how The Leader is part of Intelligencia in the comics which results in creating Red Hulk, a character anticipated for the MCU, Sterns' reveal is made more and more likely as She-Hulk moves into its final three episodes.

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The Leader Can Set Up Captain America vs A New Hulk

Captain America Red Hulk

Having The Leader as both the main villain in She-Hulk and Captain America 4 sets up intriguing possibilities for the latter. If indeed Intelligencia and The Leader's goals are to use She-Hulk's blood to create a Hulk of their own, like in the comics, then that storyline could definitely continue into Captain America: New World Order. If The Leader succeeds in taking Jen's blood, it is unlikely that this happens, The Leader is established, a new Hulk is created, and subsequently defeated by Jen all in the space of three 25-30 minute episodes.

It is more likely that this storyline carries over into Captain America 4, resulting in Sam Wilson potentially having to fight against a new Hulk, whomever that may be. This could also set up Jen's links to the Avengers, if the former teams up with Sam in Captain America 4 to defeat The Leader and whichever new villain is made from her blood, potentially the MCU's version of Red Hulk. With Sam facing off against super soldiers in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a Hulk and The Leader would be the logical next step up for him as Cap and could also tie into Sharon's story as the Power Broker, who could have worked for Intelligencia. Regardless, audiences will have to wait and see how The Leader factors into Captain America: New World Order, as well as if his appearance in the MCU Phase 5 movie is indeed preceded by any villainous antics in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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