Survivor: 10 Best Couples, According To Reddit

The 43rd season of Survivor is set to premiere on Sept. 21, 2022, and excitement is already building for what this new iteration of the show will offer. The show has had its fair share of villains, heroes and tag-alongs, and fans are ready to see how a fresh cast of castaways will handle the pressures of the show, and which roles they'll inevitably end up filling.

But excitement is building for an element of the show that's diminished over the years: showmances. Some of the best couples in reality TV have come from Survivor, and it's one of the major ways the show has left its mark on the genre.


Keith and Whitney

The couple that met during South Pacific and quickly became utterly inseparable, Keith and Whitney became a married couple in 2014 and now even have a child on the way.

Though some fans don't love the relationship, as Whitney was still married when the two met, some Redditors see the relationship as touching. "I always thought they had a cute underrated story arc," says Redditor godknowsitried11. Given Whitney's anger when Cochran ensured that Keith would quickly be voted out, it makes sense that the two ended up together, especially since they were able to bond during their time in Ponderosa.

Erik and Jaime

When the two met during Survivor: China, Erik and Jaime knew nothing more about each other than the fact that they were both from South Carolina. But, as the season progressed, they became closer, and once China came to an end, they bonded over their Survivor experience.

"I liked them both in China and I think the shy cute country boy and the bubbly extroverted blonde girl is a cute dynamic. I’m glad they’re happy together," says ode196 on Reddit. The two have been married since 2009, and the two have lived relatively quiet lives since their time on Survivor ended.

Jerri and Coach

Jerri and Coach Survivor

During Heroes vs. Villains, fans were stunned to see two of Survivor's most notorious villains at their most vulnerable, as they seemingly fell for one another. But Coach and Jerri quickly found each other alluring and were even rumored to have been cuddling together on the first day.

"The most honest he ever was," says Redditor Foosiks. "It made me fall in love w/ him all over again. It was very sweet." Given that both had incredible arcs to their stories as somewhat unfairly maligned players, it was nice to see them develop a liking for each other, even if the relationship didn't really last.

Michele and Pete

Michele and Pete From Survivor

Though their relationship didn't end up lasting, Survivor fans were stunned when they discovered that Michele Fitzgerald, one of Survivor's most popular winners, was dating Pete Yurkowski from Survivor: Philippines. After all, the relationship seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Still, fans loved the idea of the relationship. "She’s dated a number of Survivor guys, but Michele Fitzgerald and Pete Yurkowski may be the most attractive couple of all time," says Reddit user Bhibhhjis123. Even if it didn't end up lasting, it's still fondly remembered by the community.

Kim and Alex

Kim and Alex Survivor

When most fans think of showmances, they think of couples that were introduced to each other on the show, where they slowly fell in love over the course of the season. But, when asked about the best Survivor couple, ImLaunchpadMcQuack said, "I know they didn’t play on the same season, but I’m going to say Kim Powers & Alex Bell. They’ve been together 15+ years."

It's always great to see players meet and fall in love, even if they didn't happen to have met on the show itself. The fact that the two have managed to live an under-the-radar life together after their marriage is a testament to their genuine care for one another.

Billy and Candice

Billy and Candice

The not-so-relationship between Billy and Candice has become a major Survivor meme. "It was a match made in heaven," says Reddit user Stopsign09. Of course, despite the constant jokes about the relationship and the love between Billy and Candice, there's a bit more to the pair than it seems.

After all, Billy was voted out before even meeting Candice in Cook Islands. Yet, as only the second boot, Billy decided that he won the game anyway because he found love in Candice. After all, she did mouth "We love you" to him, which, though referring to the Rarotonga Tribe, certainly excited Billy. It's a funny moment, made all the more amusing by Jeff's reaction.

Maryanne and Zach

Maryanne and Zach Survivor

It isn't all too common for a season's first boot to have earned the affection of the season's winner, especially if the two are on different tribes. But, after declaring that she fell for Zach, Maryanne proved that love can come in some genuinely strange places.

"I love that Zach was just kinda there and was booted so early but everyone loves him bc of this," Ok_Treacle9443 says on Reddit. Though the two didn't end up getting together, it's still a beloved showmance, as one of Season 42's most intelligent players fell for the first boot that she never really met.

Jaclyn and Jon

Jaclyn and Jon from Survivor

Having been introduced to fans through San Juan del Sur, also known as Blood vs. Water, the two were a couple long before Survivor. But, once their time on the show came to a close, the two remained close and have since been married for nearly ten years.

"Through all of their struggles they’ve always remained hopeful, fun, genuinely good people with a strong relationship," says dianachristine3 on Reddit. The two actually recently welcomed their first son into the world after seven long years of trying for a baby, so things seem to be looking up for the pair.

Ethan and Jenna

Two Survivor winners, Ethan and Jenna seemed like the perfect couple while they were together. Having both left their mark on the Survivor community in Africa and Amazon respectively, they really looked like they have survived the hardships of the show and found love in the process.

The two even managed to star in The Amazing Race together, but it, unfortunately, couldn't last forever. Still, fans loved the relationship. "They were together for like, 10 years. She was by his side while he had cancer and everything. Shame it didn't last," says Purpledoves91 on Reddit.

Rob and Amber

Boston Rob Mariano Amber Brkich Amazing Race 7

The couple that became the face of the show for years, Rob and Amber met during All-Stars and quickly became the Bonnie and Clyde of Survivor. "I think it’s the best told, and one of the most successful couples to come out of a reality TV show. Certainly seems like one of the happiest/healthiest however many years later," says Reddit user kshep42.

The fact that the two returned for Winners at War was incredible, and their ability to remain together for as long as they have shows that they really have proven to be one of the most resilient Survivor showmances. Just as it's hard to picture the two apart, it's hard to imagine Survivor without Rob and Amber.