Taika Waititi Mocks Thor: Love & Thunder VFX Mistake In Interview

Director Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson mock the poor CGI work on Thor: Love and Thunder. After working together for the first time in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, the pair reunites with Chris Hemsworth for the God of Thunder's fourth standalone film. In the movie, Thor teams up with both Jane Foster and Valkyrie to fight Gorr the God Butcher, who seeks revenge against the gods.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Thor: Love and Thunder, much like the whole MCU Phase 4 slate, was delayed significantly. Waititi and his crew filmed the majority of the movie in Australia and due to the country's stringent pandemic guidelines, they had to be extra careful with how they carried out principal photography. Due to the nature of the film, however, not to mention the appearance of many fully CGI characters, it had to heavily rely on the VFX artists to polish things up and make it the theatrical cut that many fans are now enjoying in theaters.  But it doesn't seem like all shots were properly worked on as CGI is spotty in some areas of the film.


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One of those issues was spotted by Waititi and Thompson in a video from Vanity Fair. The pair examines the Thor: Love and Thunder scene where Valkyrie, Thor, and Mighty Thor discuss their next film after their first encounter with Gorr the God Butcher. They specifically point out how Korg appears to be bluer in this shot when he's usually gray. Check out the relevant clip around the 1:15 mark in the video below:

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This comment from Waititi and Thompson is gaining mixed responses online. While some see the hilarity in it, others are criticizing the filmmaker for their decision to mock their own film, especially since Marvel Studios is currently under fire for alleged poor working conditions for VFX artists. Since Thor: Love and Thunder is mostly set in space and has several alien characters, its CGI work is expansive and for a character as prominently featured in the film as Korg, it's curious why his appearance in this particular scene has seemingly been neglected. In any case, his bluish tint doesn't really change the movie's story and perhaps if not for the Vanity Fair video, it would have gone largely unnoticed.

Overall, it doesn't appear like Waititi and Thompson's comments are meant as a knock on VFX artists who worked on the movie. It just so happened to be interpreted in a bad light because of the recent comments from former effects artists under Marvel Studios. Moving forward, however, it would be best that Disney and its subsidiary give their VFX team and other filmmakers enough time to polish projects to prevent issues like the ones in the Thor: Love and Thunder clip.