The 10 Best James Bond Movies, According To Reddit

After No Time to Die ended Daniel Craig's stint as Bond in remarkable and surprising fashion, producer Barbara Broccoli has announced that James Bond 26 will be a complete reinvention of the character. That means that fans won't get the grounded approach of the recent movies, but they might not get the wacky and over-the-top approach of the older films in the series either.

However, regardless of what direction the next 007 movie will go in, the 25 movies full of outrageous set pieces and surprisingly dramatic turns still exist. Redditors have debated which Bond movie is the best, and they range from the most realistic to the outright bonkers. Between a couple of darker Bond outings, the classics, and a surprising amount of critically hated releases, Reddit's favorite movies in the franchise veer towards the campiness.


10 For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only

It's no secret that the Roger Moore-led Bond movies aren't the most acclaimed releases in the series. They're the goofier movies in the franchise, but their campy nature and over-the-top premises are also what make them so watchable. And M0rris0n_hotel thinks For Your Eyes Only is the best Bond movie for that exact reason.

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The Redditor claims, "The ski chase scene is one of my favorite movie action scenes of all time. It completely strains credibility in the best ways possible." However, between its gritty tone and being a revenge movie, the 1981 film is actually the most grounded Moore-led release in the franchise, and that's why it's the most revered of his Bond movies.

9 Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Casino Royale was a drastic change in the spy franchise, and it wasn't just the portrayal of Bond that was different. The 2006 release marked the start of more realistic narratives in the series. The gadgets were less ridiculous, the action sequences were simple but still engaging, and it's the most emotional James Bond movie.

Reddit user Mypassword23 thinks it's the best film in the entire franchise, noting, "This was my introduction to bond and the one that got me into the movies." The parkour crane sequence at the beginning of the movie is a huge achievement in filmmaking, and there hasn't been a more practical and jaw-dropping chase scene in a major Hollywood movie since.

8 Goldfinger (1964)

Jill Masterson discusses her boss Auric with Bond in Goldfinger

After the one-two punch of Dr. No, which was the coolest introduction to Bond possible, and From Russia with Love, which was a genuinely great spy thriller, Goldfinger had impossibly high expectations. And while the general consensus is that it isn't quite as great as its predecessors, there's still a lot to love about it, and Pugcatpug thinks it's the best.

The Redditor notes, "Love the villain, the story, it has Margaret Nolan in it, plus, who could forget Odd Job with one of the best intro songs." Movie henchmen tend to be completely expendable, even in Bond movies, but Odd Job is actually a fearful henchman.

7 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Chinese agent Liu flees with Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies surprisingly wasn't number one at the box office when it was first released in 1997, as it was released the same day as Titanic. Part of the disappointing performance was due to the negative reviews, but Orbzthebb thinks it's the best Bond movie. The Redditor comments, "Great action and humor. Top-tier banter with Q as well."

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Desmond Llewelyn had played Q for 17 movies, and it's such a feat that he's funnier than ever in his 16th film. And while the Redditor is in the minority by thinking the 1997 movie is Bond's best outing, it does feature one of the best 007 scores, and Michelle Yeoh is a badass Bond girl and even more entertaining than the British spy himself.

6 Skyfall (2012)

James Bond fighting a henchman on a train in Skyfall

Some think that Skyfall is nothing more than a big-budget Home Alone, as the movie ends with Bond and M rigging an old mansion with booby traps. And the influence that The Dark Knight had on the movie is clear. As it follows the beloved Batman movie almost beat for beat, Raoul Silva intentionally gets himself captured only to escape again, just as Joker does in the 2008 epic.

However, despite a few small shortcomings and uninspired plot developments, Skyfall was considered a huge return to form for the franchise, and filmmaker Sam Mendes brought a distinctive vision to the series. JB23808 thinks it's the best Bond movie simply because "Skyfall is a visual pleasure." The cinematography is on another level, and that's thanks to seasoned cinematographer Roger Deakins shooting the movie. And with the distinctive locations and fights with Komodo dragons, Skyfall is endlessly rewatchable.

5 A View To Kill (1985)

Close up of Roger Moore using the ring camera in A View to a Kill

A View to Kill marked Roger Moore's last outing as Bond, and the actor went out with a bang. The movie has an all-star cast, and it almost comes off as if MGM let fans cast the movie. A View to Kill features Grace Jones as the coolest Bond girl, and the always eccentric Christopher Walken plays a genetically engineered villain. On top of that, Dolph Lundgren appears as Vens, and it's one of the earliest and most entertaining examples of stunt casting.

RogerSterlingsFling thinks the 1985 movie is Bond's best, arguing, "Peak 80s camp Bond." However, there are two sides to the coin, as there might be a lot of campiness and flare in the film, but it's also the most disturbingly violent Bond movie too. And for as entertaining as the movie is, that's why it's actually Moore's least favorite movie starring himself.

4 GoldenEye (1995)

Pierce Brosnan as Bond driving a tank in GoldenEye

GoldenEye is the very first Brosnan-starring Bond movie, and he was introduced in the best way possible, with an exciting, high-octane, gripping action movie. The popcorn flick doesn't hold back on action sequences and massive set pieces, and in that respect, it certainly is the best Bond movie.

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The film features the amazing scenes where Bond escapes the Russian base and the final fight with Trevelyan, but McFigroll refers to another epic GoldenEye scene when arguing that it's the best. The Redditor notes, "The tank chase is probably my favorite action scene of all time." Film buffs always refer to Raiders of the Lost Ark when it comes to jaw-dropping tank scenes, but GoldenEye gives it a run for its money.

3 From Russia With Love (1963)

Dr. No might have introduced fans to James Bond, but From Russia with Love is a clearly well-crafted spy movie, the cinematography is stunning, and is one of the best British movies of all time, regardless of genre. Lizpop2003 thinks the film is perfectly paced and it's all downhill after 1963. The Redditor comments, "Well plotted, a genuine spy thriller before Bond set up and then began copy/pasting all the tropes of the genre."

The movie feels more natural than any other Bond film, and every following release in the series has failed to deliver the proper espionage thrills that From Russia with Love does. The movie even has a highly underrated video game tie-in that arrived decades later, and it unfairly lives in the shadow of the influential GoldenEye video game.

2 Spectre (2015)

James Bond standing in the snow, holding a gun in Spectre

Daniel Craig's tenure as Bond ended up being a mixed bag, and a weird pattern quickly formulated. All the odd-numbered releases in his series were critically praised, and the even-numbered ones were heavily criticized. Spectre is the fourth Craig-led movie, and fans and critics thought it struggled to walk the tightrope between serialized and grounded storytelling and classic Bond tropes.

However, TinMachine believes differently, positing, "It is as grandiose and excessive as the series has ever been - but there's a grace to it," and they even defend the absurd Blofeld retcon. The movie does have some surprisingly hypnotizing sequences, such as the six-minute tracking shot through the Day of the Dead festival in the soft open, and it'd make a great video game.

1 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Sean C0nnery had a fantastic run as Bond, as the actor starred in seven 007 movies, and it's the most consistently great stretch in the franchise. But Diamonds Are Forever hinted at what the Roger Moore movies would unapologetically dive into with its wackiness.

For that reason, the movie isn't quite as revered as Connery's other outings, but Adamsandleryabish defends it and calls it the best. The Redditor argues, "people are just afraid to admit they love it." However, watching Bond driving a moon buggy with flapping robot arms is still a joy to watch, even does turn the spy into comic relief.

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