The Avengers Are Building An Epic Captain America Army

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avengers Forever #7

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Avengers Forever, battle lines are being drawn and an epic Captain America army is being assembled across the multiverse. Needing allies in the face of Mephisto of his legion of variants known as the Council of Red, it seems as though Earth Mightiest Heroes are desperately looking for an army of their own. Now, this new issue reveals their recruitment efforts, looking for any versions of Steve Rogers they can find.

Currently in the Marvel Universe, a multiversal Masters of Evil has been formed to conquer Earths and destroy each world's version of the Avengers. However, the Masters have been saving the primary Earth-616 for last as part of a deal struck with Mephisto's Council of Red. This particular Earth is special in the multiverse, and as such it's one that the Council is specifically interested in conquering. Having already faced some of the Masters and receiving a dark taunt from Mephisto about the bloodbath to come, the Avengers are keenly aware they need some serious backup.


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Now, the new issue of Avengers Forever #7 from Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith, and Guru-eFX sees several versions of Steve Rogers waking up in a group cell. Unsure of where they are, some of these different Steves include one who became an artist instead of a Super Soldier, a draft-dodger Steve Rogers, a dog named Steve, and even a Captain America who became Weapon X like Wolverine (claws and all). However, despite all of their different backgrounds and personalities, each Steve eventually steps up to face the opponent on the other side of a door that opens each day. Once they all assemble, the team of Steves collectively reaches out to grab a variety of shields thrown at them. It's here that the truth is revealed: they're in a boot camp and are being trained to fight by other variants of Captain America (including a supernatural Werewolf variant of Rogers).


Apparently, Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider (aka the All-Rider) has been traveling the multiverse and collecting Steves, hoping to build a Captain America army that's strong enough to take on the Masters of Evil and Council of Red. Working with the mysterious Avenger Prime whose identity is still unknown, the new army being built is only one strategy of several as the heroes of the multiverse prepare for all-out war. Other heroes and variants of Avengers have been recruited as well in prior issues (though not so en masse like with Captain America's variants).

Following this new issue, one might wonder why Captain America was the chosen Avenger to be the de facto template for this new army. Is it simply because he's a soldier? Does he comparatively have more variants than other Avengers? A more likely reason is the seemingly inherent determination and a willingness to join a worthy cause that's found in every variant of Steve Rogers (at least in the ones featured here). Either way, it's going to be exciting to see this new Captain America army heading into battle in future issues, protecting what remains of Marvel's multiverse.